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You're all set up for a minimum-effort semester. Fall 2016 killed you and no amount of memes (even the buy-sell variety) could save you. This year, you're taking it easy.

But wait! What's that? Your credits only add up to 11?!

Looks like you need a one-credit class. Spectrum scoured every nook and cranny of this semester's course catalog to bring you the most courseload-friendly classes that'll bump your sad 11 credits up to 12. All of our offerings:

Don’t have prereqs (some have auditions, though) Don’t have coreqs Don’t need you to send an email groveling to a professor to let you in Aren’t research seminars or independent projects Aren’t on other rando campuses (we’re looking at you, NYU)

You can also assume students from all four undergrad colleges can hit up these classes, unless we explicitly say, "Nah lol not u."

Music (because you got rejected from every a cappella group)

Introductory Ear Training: Sight-sing like a BAMF. Pro tip: If you really enjoyed the class, levels 2 and 3 are also one credit. You can join sections one or two . Barnard-Columbia Chamber Singers: You gotta contact the department to sign up, but that’s pretty much it. Once in, you’ll tralala your little singing heart out with some gorgeous chamber music. Barnard-Columbia Chorus II: You gotta audition for this one and contact the department, but you get to be in fancy concerts if you get in. Look at you go!

Drama (as if there wasn’t enough in your life already)

Pericles, Prince of Tyre: Audition for the Barnard Department of Theatre’s  Shakespeare production and score a credit while you’re at it (only if you get in, ofc). That being said, Pericles isn’t the only production that offers credits. Check out the green section of this for a full productions list offering credits.

PE (aka Physical Exhaustion)

Dance: Rehearsal & Performance in Dance: Audition during the first class. If you’re fancy enough, you’ll dance, choreograph, design, or stage manage as part of a departmental production. There are four sections ( 1 , 2 , 3 , and 4 ). PE for CC and SEAS: There are 75 sections of PE activities to sign up for, including Hatha yoga and other activities beyond your standard tennis and soccer classes. Here’s a comprehensive list . PE for Barnard: You guys only have 16 sections to choose from, but there’s still fun stuff like tai chi and “Women’s Strength,” whatever that is. Here’s your comprehensive list .


Psychology: Science and Scientists: Weekly seminars talking to researchers to discuss scientific inquiry in psychology and the work of scientists Neurobiology and Behavior: Student Journal Club: A colloquium on Fridays (ew) that’ll familiarize you with scientific literature. Just tell yourself you’re going “clubbing” and it’ll seem better than it is. Sustainable Development: Introduction to Sustainable Development Seminar: A “free flowing discussion of the principals [awk—they made a typo] of sustainable development and the scope of this emerging discipline.” Tl;dr: How can we conserve our natural resources?

Education (i.e., learning stuff about learning stuff)

STEM and Education: A workshop discussing math education. If you happen to hate math but still need that extra credit, find comfort in the fact that it only meets five times in the semester.

Comp sci (so you can say on LinkedIn you took a coding class)

Programming Languages (C++): Ok, so this does have a prereq of being fluent in one programming language already, but tbh that’s a lot of you nerds. They also have one for Python.

We hope one of these guys bunks your course load up to a solid 12 credits, but it might also be worth taking another three-credit class to keep your status as a full-time student. Tbh, these course credit issues you have now are a lot nicer than the real credit issues you'll have after graduating.

Have a one-credit class you'd recommend? Share it with us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat @CUspectrum.

Sophia Hotung is a Barnard junior and the former Spectrum editor of Spec's 140th Managing Board. She recommends the Emerging Scholars Program (though it has a coreq of Intro to Java and you'll need the instructor's permission). There were cookies. Every time. Reach her at for a detailed description of each week's cookie selection.

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