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It can be tricky joining a campus organization halfway through the year. Dozens—if not hundreds—of groups held E-board applications, auditions, open houses, and intro meetings in September, but now it might seem like a lonely wait until next fall if you missed out.

However, most clubs are always recruiting—you just have to know where to look. If you're looking to get involved with something new in 2017, peruse this master list and find your new calling.

We'll continue to update this calendar as we hear of more meetings. If you don't see your club's gathering yet, message us on Facebook or Snapchat us @CUSpectrum.

Sophia Hotung is a Barnard junior and was the Spectrum editor of Spec's 140th Managing Board. She tried so hard to fit in as a first-year that she attended five a cappella groups, two improv groups, nine info sessions, and three Spec open houses. Keen bean. Reach her at

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