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As summer and/or graduation draw ever closer, you become increasingly desperate to find that perfect job, internship, or volunteer position. Sound like you? Then it's time to check out NACELink.

Much like Columbia's LionSHARE, Barnard's job-hunting site helps match students with potential employers and makes applying a breeze. You can look for jobs on and off campus, search by your desired industry, and even upload your resumes directly to the portal.

There's still plenty of time to find yourself a job for the semester or find that perfect summer opportunity. Here's all you need to know to become the ultimate NACElink expert.

Hoppin’ on the bandwagon

If it's your first time using the site, you'll have to create an account. It's quick and painless—just provide your basic information, create a password, and prove you're not a robot. Once you log in, you'll get to a page that looks like this:

As you become more and more active on NACElink, the home page will become more useful, showing you job listings of employers you've followed, your submitted applications, and other handy links. 'Job Finder' will even suggest jobs similar to the ones you've shown interest in, thus maximizing your opportunities to find the perfect job.

Putting your best foot forward

Before you can use NACElink to its fullest potential, you'll have to fill out some basic info. Click on 'Profile' in the left navigation bar to get to something that looks like this:

You can add your personal statement, education, experience, projects, skills, online résumé, LinkedIn, and other relevant details right to NACElink so potential employers can find you as easily as possible.

Bragging docs

NACElink also lets you upload any application documents (think résumés, cover letters, transcripts, etc.) directly to the site. Take 10 seconds to upload everything you need to make the next step (actually applying for jobs) easier.

On the hunt

There are several ways to make a job search. Click on 'Barnard CD (Career Development) Jobs' to see all listings. You can search through them by keyword or by more specific criteria (like industry or location) with an advanced search. You can also save your searches and direct the site to send you an email when new results from your search are added.

If you've filled out your profile, NACElink will also let you know which positions you're not qualified for. (Look for the orange "not qualified" note next to the listing.)

When a posting catches your eye, click to see a full description of the position, including a job description, application deadlines, interview dates, and contact information. Some positions will let let you upload your résumé directly to NACElink—all others will at least give you an email address where you can send it to.

Continuing the exploration

Finally, take some time to just look around the site. NACElink provides tons of other resources in addition to the main ones mentioned above. You can schedule an appointment with a career advisor (for anything from interview tips to resume review), look into upcoming workshops relevant to your field, and explore potential careers.

Beyond that, it'll take some clicking around on your part. Try out all the tabs, see what NACELink has to offer, and score that perfect job.

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Ishya Verma is a Spectrum staff writer. She still doesn't know what she's doing this summer. Commiserate at

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