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Spectrum will be producing content and products on The Shaft from now until housing selection in early April. We think we’ve got a lot of the issues covered, but if at any time you have questions about The Shaft or housing selection at Barnumbia, let us know and we’ll be able to cover it.


Today’s the first day of housing registration for CC and SEAS, and the second day for BC. Don’t get all frazzled though—housing registration is just the fancy term for:


  • Telling the University that you’ll be living on campus next year
  • Indicating what kind of group you’ll be in (CC and SEAS only—more on that later)
  • Reporting what size group you’ll be a part of (again, CC and SEAS only—BC folk can change their group sizes even after they get their lottery numbers)
  • Telling the University you’ll be using a proxy during housing selection (if you’re not on campus, you’ll need someone to make it to your in-person housing appointment)

If you’re a Columbia compadre, there are four different group types you’ll be able to join:


  • Special housing: RAs and their riders, Greek life members, LLC/SIC members
  • Non-Columbia housing: those studying abroad, living off campus, living in BC housing
  • In-person group selection: if you’re in a group of two to eight hoping for doubles and singles in a suite, or a double in a hall
  • Online selection: if you’re an individual or a group of two hoping for singles or doubles in the same residence hall, but not the same suite

But before you commit yourself to a group, make sure you’re even eligible to live in CU/BC housing. Remember: Even if you fall into one of the categories below, that doesn’t mean that you’re surefire banned from the housing selection process—it just means that you’re given the lowest priority, so they may run out of rooms before they get to you.

Amanda Frame


Amanda Frame / Senior Staff Designer

Before you subject yourself to all the drama, make sure you have a reason for doing so. May the dorm deities be on your side this housing season.


Have any other housing-related questions? Not sure if you qualify for housing? Send us all your questions on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat @CUSpectrum.


Veronica Grace Taleon is Spectrum’s editor and a Barnard sophomore. The fact that you need to take 12 credits in order to qualify for housing is the only reason why she’s not withdrawing from one of her classes. Reach her at


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