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Spectrum will be producing content on The Shaft from now until housing selection in early April. We think we’ve got a lot of the issues covered, but if at any time you have questions about The Shaft or housing selection at Barnumbia, let us know and we’ll do our best to cover it.

Housing registration—and the associated anxiety and (possible) joy—is finally upon us.

Spectrum is aiming to lower Barnumbians’ housing stress. If you’re still wondering whether hall or suite life is right for you, take our quiz. Then, once you have your housing group size (which, at Barnard, you can continue to play around with up until housing selection), check out the options that exist for you.

Group of one

Seniors will be trying for Sulz Tower (obv). Along with juniors, they’ll also be looking for 110 studios.

Sophomores seeking to reach the highest level of adulting by living on their own can find a home in a Hewitt or Elliott single. Keep in mind, though, that all those who live in Hewitt must get the quad dining plan (as a minimum).

Group of two

Seniors and juniors with good lottery numbers can choose into one of 600’s E suites (a double with its own kitchen and bathroom) or a studio double in 110. A few incredibly lucky senior besties can book adjoining singles in Sulz Tower.

Sophomore or junior besties looking to live together can try for a double in Hewitt (for some quad vibes) or Elliott (for some bunk-bed camp vibes).

Group of three

It’s plausible for seniors, juniors, and sophomores to pick into studio triples or three-person suites in 110. For upperclassmen (or sophomores with really good lottery numbers), there’s always the possibility to pick into adjoining singles.

Group of four

Options start multiplying when you get to groups of four. In terms of hall life, four represents the limit for friends choosing adjoining singles.

For suite life, seniors and some lucky juniors will fill up the 600’s C suites for two doubles, or 620’s C and D suites on and above floor five with the great option of four singles. Juniors also have goods chances of getting into the four-person Cathedral Gardens B and F suites.

Meanwhile, sophomores may be able to get a four-person suite (two doubles) in 110.

Group of five

Senior groups of five are likely to snatch up the all-single five-person suites in 620 and 616.

Sophomore groups of five with good lottery numbers can look to 616’s D and 620’s 1C suites, while juniors can also snag these, along with 600’s 4F and Cathedral Gardens’ G suites. Additionally, 110’s 4N, 8N, and 10N suites have a triple and a double and are usually some of the last rooms chosen.

Group of six

Most Barnard suites are six-person, so the options here are really good. Seniors and juniors have good chances for 600’s B, D, and F suites, 616’s A, B, and C suites, and 620’s 1A, C, and D suites below the fifth floor.

Sophomores and those looking for housing further from campus can snag Plimpton suites and 110’s R suites.

Group of seven

Barnard has only six seven-person suites. Seniors can grab 620’s 2A, 4A, and 4B, as well as 600’s 3A, 5A, and 11A suites. May the force be with you.

Though terms like “The Cage” conjure up images of terrifying choices and stressful situations, try to keep an open mind as housing selection approaches. You might just end up happily surprised.

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Mariella Evangelista is a Barnard first-year and a Spectrum staff writer. After living in Brooks Hall this year, she will just be grateful for running water next year. Reach her at

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