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For some students, noise level will be the deciding factor when choosing their dorms for next year. If you’re particularly sensitive to noise and want long quiet hours, or if you’re tired of waking up to construction noises in the morning, you’re in luck: Dorms at both Columbia and Barnard range from soundless to boisterous, so you are free to choose the dorm that best suits your lifestyle.

If you are one of those people who need peace and quiet around the clock, consider the following dorms.

Broadway Hall

School: Columbia

Despite being close to the fraternities’ and sororities’ residential brownstones, this Columbia residence hall is known for its consistently low noise level. Broadway is popular among juniors who are looking for singles and other upperclassmen who want to be close to campus. There may be some occasional street noise from the buses running on Broadway, but other than that, noise levels are pretty low, especially since the floor lounge is closed off from the rooms on the floor.

Hewitt Hall

School: Barnard

All Barnard dorms are crazy chill, but Hewitt takes the cake because it's in the Quad. (It'll be especially quiet if you get a dorm facing inward, not that Claremont itself is super lout.) If you're not into partying, you won't have to worry too much about your sleep being disrupted on the weekend, as the entire Quad is substance-free.

Furnald Hall

School: Columbia

Furnald pretty much wins the award for being the quietest dorm on the Columbia campus. Upperclassmen looking for a quiet living space should consider this primarily freshman dorm.

Woodbridge Hall

School: Columbia

Woodbridge Hall is known for its apartment-style vibe, so you will feel independent, even though you’re still close to campus. Since Woodbridge is located on Riverside Drive, you avoid the hustle and bustle of Broadway.

If you choose Woodbridge, you can opt to make the common room into a single room and have two singles, or to share a bedroom and use the other space as a common room

Harmony Hall

School: Columbia

Harmony is best known for its tiny singles and for being one of the furthest dorms from campus. Because of this, Harmony residents never hold big social gatherings, as no one would be willing to trek half a mile to get lit. Also, the rooms, which are mostly singles, are so tiny that they fit a maximum of five people. By living in Harmony, you can be guaranteed that no crazy loud parties will wake you up late at night.

River Hall

School: Columbia

River Hall is located between Broadway and Riverside Drive, so you have some distance from campus without enduring the trek to Harmony. Almost all the rooms are singles, which means most residents start out as strangers (so it will be even more quiet).

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