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In addition to producing regular content on The Shaft, Spectrum will also be providing previews and recaps for every day of in-person selection. Keep checking The Shaft for said recaps and take a peek at our new and improved Whiteboard to see which lottery numbers are taking which dorms in real time.

Though Columbians still have more than a week to wait before the housing frenzy starts, Barnard’s first day of housing selection is, in fact, on Friday. My, how the time flies. :’)

Seniors: You’ve been patient. You’ve lived through an AC-less Brooks, Helliott, and shafted 110 suites. Now you get to pick on the first day, meaning that Barnard is your oyster. Here’s what you should expect.

Note: All numbers related to suites and how many groups there are come from Barnard's housing portal.

Sulz Tower

Sulz Tower is your coveted jewel since your first day at Barnard. It’s is almost exclusively filled by seniors, and it’s usually one of the first things to go (it’s almost certain that there will be none by the end of Friday). That means that seniors with numbers on the higher end (and therefore the worse numbers) will have hopefully paired up in groups of four and five by now.

As of publication, there are a little more than 100 people going in as individuals, and most of them are probably hoping for Sulz. Additionally, groups of two and three can pick into the same floor of Sulz, meaning that if one of these groups has a higher lottery number than an individual, they'll get Sulz first. There are only 77 singles in the Tower, meaning not everyone is going to get what they want. If it gets to you and Sulz is all taken, you can aim for a studio single in 110, Hewitt, or Elliott.


Seniors hoping for 620 are most likely aiming for those penthouse all-single suites. Currently, there are about 20 five-person groups in the senior class, though there are only 11 five-person all-single suites. Make sure you’re checking Barnard’s housing portal to see how many groups are picking ahead of you—even though some of these groups might be looking at Cathedral Gardens, start making other plans if there are more than 11 groups ahead of you.

If you don’t end up getting that five-person all-single suite, you always have the option of breaking up and trying for a four-person all-single suite.

Cathedral Gardens

Cathedral Gardens has fewer rooms than the 600s, so pickings will be slimmer from the get-go. However, CG doesn’t seem to be as popular as the penthouse suites in 620, meaning that you might be able to rely on getting a CG suite despite a bad number.

A lot of seniors are probably looking at all-single six-person suites that CG has to offer, but there are only four up for selection. Since there are around 15 groups of six picking in the senior class, only those with the best numbers will be able to get the all-single suites. If you’re not one of the first of your group type to be called, you’ll still probably be able to get CG, but not a suite with all singles.

Other options

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be able to get their number one choice. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll end up with something you hate. (Just the opposite: Since you’re the first class year picking, you’ll definitely end up with something you can deal with.)

Your group will definitely be able to stay intact if you want it to—you just might have to end up living somewhere you didn’t plan. Seniors do have the option of picking into the best 600 B and D suites (mostly six-person suites with generously sized doubles). 616 will largely be untouched as well, so you’ll have your pick from there, as well as 110 and Plimpton.


  • Not everyone will be able to land in Sulz tower (obviously), but even an average number might be able to get one of the coveted singles. Also remember that groups of two and three will be able to pick into Sulz, so long as they're getting rooms on the same floor.
  • Not all groups of five aiming for 620 will get what they want. They can always break into a group of four and try for the four-person all-single suites, but that will ofc cause tension in your group. :(
  • For Cathedral Gardens, not everyone will be able to get the all-single suites. However, you’ll likely be able to pick into a suite with a mix of singles and doubles.
  • When all else fails, you’ll have your picking of the best of 600’s B and D suites, as well as 616.

Best of luck on Friday! We’ll be there in Brooks Lounge with you to update our new Whiteboard in real time. Before coming to your appointment, make sure you know what to bring, and keep an eye out for which numbers are taking what on the Whiteboard.

Have any questions about senior selection day? Ask them on our Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat @CUSpectrum.

Veronica Grace Taleon is Spectrum’s editor and a Barnard sophomore. Obviously, she’s not a senior, but she wishes she was. Reach her at

Updated March 23rd, 2017 at 10:34 p.m.

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