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In addition to producing regular content on The Shaft, Spectrum will also be providing previews and recaps for every day of in-person selection. Keep checking The Shaft for these recaps and take a peek at our new and improved Whiteboard to see what lottery numbers are taking which dorms in real time.

Seniors, take your marks—in about an hour, those of you with la crème de la crème of lottery numbers will enter Brooks Lounge to fight for Sulz singles, 620 penthouse suites, studios, and much more.

First, make sure you have your strategy: How likely is it your group will get what they want, and what are your alternatives?

Next, skedaddle over to The Shaft’s Whiteboard—we’ve made so many improvements and adjustments to this invaluable housing tool, so you can know what’s being taken by which lottery numbers. We’ll be there in the Cage with you, so rest assured you’ll be kept updated down to the second.

Last minute words of wisdom: You’re a senior—it’s supposed to be the best year of your college life. Some of you will get your first choice, but others won’t. Remember, the quality of your year isn’t completely dependent upon where you’ll be living.

What dorm did you end up picking? Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat @CUSpectrum.

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