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In addition to producing regular content on The Shaft, Spectrum will also be providing previews and recaps for every day of in-person selection. Keep checking The Shaft for said recaps and take a peek at our new and improved Whiteboard to see which lottery numbers are taking which dorms in real time.

So the first day of housing selection wasn’t too bad, right? At least, when we were in Brooks Lounge, no one seemed to come out of the Cage in a fit of sobs. We’re taking that as a good sign.

Everything that we thought would be left over for juniors was, meaning that those picking tomorrow will have their hands full of options. To summarize, here’s what happened at senior selection, and how we think it will affect junior selection.

Note: All information stated below comes from Barnard’s housing portal.

What went down on senior day

The first pick of the day went to one of the all-singles suites in 620. As expected, the first rooms to be taken off the block were Sulz Tower singles picked by friend groups of twos and threes and the six-single suites in Cathedral Gardens..

At the end of the day, here’s what was left over:

  • Floors one through four of 620 are still relatively unoccupied—floors five and up (the all-singles suites) are completely gone.
  • There are three full doubles and one half double still available in Sulz Tower. Every single is taken, as are most doubles.
  • There are three four-person suites and one double left over in Cathedral Gardens.
  • Four D and four B suites—the best of the building—are left in 600.
  • Hewitt, Elliott, and Plimpton were left largely untouched. So was 110, except for the studio singles (there are nine left).

What’s left over for juniors?

Those of you in mixed groups of juniors and seniors or with the crème de la crème of junior lottery numbers: You have the possibility of landing in Cathedral Gardens or Sulz Tower. Here’s how:

Sulz Tower

Pick into Sulz Tower doubles as half doubles, meaning groups of either one or two will be able to snag them. There’s one half double left on the 13th floor, open to a swanky lottery number-carrying individual. Alternatively, they’re free to pick into a half of any of the other doubles still available.

Groups of two still also have their shot—currently, there are three completely empty doubles in Sulz on the 11th, 13th, and 14th floors.

Cathedral Gardens

There are two four-person suites, one four-person block that fits into a larger six-person suite, and one double left over in Cathedral Gardens, meaning three four-person groups and one two-person group will end up living in the apartment-vibey dorm. If you’re picking early in the day, consider breaking down your group if the CG possibility attracts you. (Just make sure you do it ASAP so you’re not branded as a #snake by your old group.)

Of course, these two options are just going to go to those who pick in the wee hours of the morning. For everyone else, look to each dorm to see how many suites are left, and then go over to the Barnard housing portal to see how many groups or individuals are picking ahead of you. This should give you a good idea of what your chances are with a specific space.


In 600, the B and D blocks will go first because most of their rooms aren’t shafted. However, there will still be a couple of suites here open at the end of the day, meaning that if your group has a number that isn’t really up to snuff, you should still count on being able to snag a group of these spacious doubles.

Left in 600, there are:

  • 17 six-person blocks
  • One five-person block
  • Five four-person blocks
  • 12 two-person blocks


Nestled in between 600 and 620, 616 is also a viable option for juniors with groups of six, five, four, and even two or one. On senior selection day, it was touched more than 600, but less than 620. Barring any natural disasters, expect 616 to be mostly (if not completely) gone by the end of the day.

Left in 616, there are:

  • 12 six-person blocks
  • Two five-person blocks
  • One four-person block
  • Seven two-person blocks
  • One one-person block


With floors five and up completely taken, pickings for 620 are slimmer (but that was to be expected). Just like with 616, expect 620 to be mostly gone (probably completely gone) by the end of the day.

Left in 620, there are:

  • Six six-person blocks
  • Two five-person blocks
  • Two four-person blocks
  • Two two-person blocks
  • One one-person block


If a senior touched 110 on Friday, it was most likely for its pricey studio singles. Otherwise, there are still many suite sizes on all floors left to be chosen by juniors and sophomores.

Left in 110, there are:

  • Nine studio singles
  • 10 studio doubles
  • Three studio triples
  • Four six-person blocks
  • Three five-person blocks
  • 12 four-person blocks
  • Two three-person blocks
  • One two-person block
  • One one-person block


This is probably the last-resort for juniors, as it’s usually left fairly open for sophomore selection day. However, if you’re into singles within suites with AC, the big P might not be a bad option.

Left in Plimpton, there are:

  • 30 six-person blocks
  • Four four-person blocks
  • 10 two-person blocks


Single-bound folk earlier in the lottery queue will have their pick of Hewitt as well as Elliott. Hewitt will probably remain open until sophomore selection.

Left in Hewitt, there are:

  • 111 singles
  • One double


Since Barnard pre-reserves a lot of Elliott for transfer students, pickings in Elliott are significantly slimmer. If any sophomores are reading this, don’t expect to have any Elliott singles left by your day.

Left in Elliott, there are:

  • 18 singles
  • Eight doubles


  • If you’re trying to pick into the 600s, try to form a group of six—your options will increase drastically.
  • Juniors picking very early in the day might be able to get doubles in Sulz Tower or suites in Cathedral Gardens—the magic numbers for the latter are four and two.
  • 616 and 620 will mostly be gone by the end of the day.
  • If you have a number on the lower end of the spectrum, you should be able to get a suite in 600 (though not the better ones), 110, or Plimpton.
  • Elliott and Hewitt are always possibilities—the former may be gone by the end of the day, though.

Housing selection for junior day tomorrow begins at 9 a.m. We’ll be in Brooks Lounge to update the Whiteboard. If you want to see which numbers are taking which dorms, be sure to tune in.

What are our rising juniors hoping to get? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat @CUSpectrum.

Veronica Grace Taleon is Spectrum’s editor and a Barnard sophomore, meaning that she’ll be picking tomorrow as well. She’s one of the CG hopefuls. Reach her at

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