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In addition to producing regular content on The Shaft, Spectrum will also be providing previews and recaps for every day of in-person selection. Keep checking The Shaft for said recaps and take a peek at our new and improved Whiteboard to see which lottery numbers are taking which dorms in real time.

Happy with the way the day panned out, juniors? Though it seemed like the number of people choosing into suites dropped pretty significantly around the mid-500s, plenty of people in the latter half of the day were able to snatch up the open singles in Hewitt and Elliott. Overall, not too shabby, I’d say. (But it’s easy for me to say that—I got what I wanted.)

Selection’s almost over at Barnard. There’s just one more group to pick: last but not least, the rising sophomores. There are still a handful of options open to the suite-bound, but pickings are looking rather slim for those going in as individuals. Here’s your full recap.

What did the juniors take?

The last double in Sulz Tower (leftover from senior selection) was taken by number 500, and Cathedral Gardens similarly wasn’t taken until 496.

Suites in the 600s were the major catch of the day. 620 and 616 are almost completely gone, while the best suites were taken from 600. 110 also got its fair share of attention—there are no remaining singles, but there are still plenty of all-double suites to be claimed by the sophomores.

Late in the day (a little bit before 900), some juniors decided to go on the guaranteed housing agreement, meaning that they’ll be the first few on the

What’s in store for the sophomores?

Suites in the 600s are running thin, while many floors in 110 and Plimpton are largely unoccupied. If you’re going in as an individual, you’re out of luck with Elliott—the only rooms left there are grossly small doubles. However, the first couple dozen will be able to take the last of the Hewitt singles.

What you’ll want to do is this: Read below how many of each suite/room type is still left for each residence hall. Then go over to the housing portal’s Lottery Number and Appointment Time page to see how many groups are picking ahead of you. Though people are unpredictable, this might give you a good indication of where you’ll land.


The coveted B and D suites are all taken up. :( The only rooms left are A suites split up into blocks (meaning that you might not pick into an entire suite, but rather individual doubles within a suite), and one complete F suite. These would definitely not be a bad pick for a sophomore—all of the remaining doubles in the A suite aren’t shafted, and though the F block is, you still get the benefit of the spacious doubles.

Left in 600, there are:

  • Six two-person blocks
  • One six-person block


If you were hoping to choose a single in a suite in 616 or 600, think again—the only rooms left in here are doubles within suites. Furthermore, your entire group of five or six won’t be able to pick into one suite—the only things you’ll be able to pick are doubles within a suite (which is good for the first couple groups of two).

Left in 616 there are:

  • Eight two-person blocks


Similar to 616, the only things left in here are doubles within suites, blocked off for groups of two and four. If you’re hoping to get your entire squad into one suite, you’ll do better in 110 or Plimpton.

Left in 616 there are:

  • Two two-person blocks
  • One four-person block


There are still tons of six-person suites available for sophomores. Along with 110, this is what most sophomore groups should be aiming for.

Left in 616 there are:

  • 10 two-person blocks
  • One four-person block
  • 26 six-person blocks


Though there are no more studio singles to pick from, 110 still has a handful of picks for two-, three-, four-, five-, and six-person groups. Sure, it might be a bit of a walk from campus, but if it snags you that suite, who cares?

Left in 616 there are:

  • Five two-person blocks
  • One three-person block
  • 11 four-person blocks
  • Two five-person blocks
  • Two six-person blocks


You pick into Elliott’s doubles as individuals. There are still a couple of full doubles left over for those in groups of two, but if your lottery number is good enough, I’d strongly advise you look elsewhere first—because of the way Barnard blocks off groups of rooms within a suite, you could still potentially end up in Hewitt, 600, 616, 620, 110, or Plimpton. Of course, all of this is dependent on your lottery number. If yours isn’t great, you might have to get good with the Elliott possibility (but from a current Elliott resident, it really isn’t as bad as they say).

Left in Elliott, there are:

  • 12 half doubles (only five are complete ones, though)


Many Hewitt singles were taken by juniors late in the day, but there are still more than two dozen singles open for sophomore selection. Because there aren’t really any other options for individuals elsewhere, jump on these while you still can (or get on the guaranteed housing agreement).

Left in Hewitt, there are:

  • 25 singles
  • Two half doubles

The fact is this: There are more six-person groups than there are six-person suites. That means some of you will have to break up once you get to Brooks and either find places as individuals or smaller groups, or go on the guaranteed housing agreement. The latter isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it’s far from ideal, ofc, but there’s still a chance that you might be able to live with your friends or in your room type/location of choice.

Have any concerns about sophomore selection day? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat @CUSpectrum.

Veronica Grace Taleon is a Spectrum’s editor and a Barnard sophomore. As a survivor of the guaranteed housing agreement, she can assure you it’s not all that bad. Reach her at

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