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In addition to producing regular content on The Shaft, Spectrum will also be providing previews and recaps for every day of in-person selection. Keep checking The Shaft for said recaps and take a peek at our new and improved Whiteboard to see which lottery numbers are taking which dorms in real time.

While Barnard housing selection is finally over for Barnardigans, in-person housing selection has just arrived for Columbia students.

Seniors have waited long enough to get a chance to pick on the first day. They’ve gone through the guaranteed waitlist as sophomores, lived in AC-less dorms as juniors, and now finally have a chance to pick (basically) whatever they want. Here’s what to expect on the first day of housing selection.

East Campus

EC is comprised of mostly seniors, so all of the high-rises, town house suites, and flats will be taken. The sixth floor doubles will likely stay open until the end of sophomore selection, just because they’re so small (and kinda lame IMO).

There’s 25 two-person flats, which will likely all be taken halfway through the day. The five-person and six-person all-single suites will also be some of the first ones to go. However, the five- and six-person suites that include doubles will most likely be left until the end of senior selection, as will the town houses.

If you want to see it in order, here it goes, from highest priority to lowest: High-rise suites trump all-single suites, which trump suites with doubles.


  • Two-person flat: 30/1445
  • Four-person townhouse: 30/713
  • Five-person high-rise (three singles, one double): 30/2868
  • Five-person high-rise (all singles): 30/301
  • Sixth-floor double: 10/2495
  • Six-person high-rise (all singles): 30/300
  • Six-person townhouse (four singles, one double): 30/2803
  • Six-person townhouse (all singles): 30/2333

*Don’t know WTF any of these numbers mean? Make sure you know how to read your lottery number.


Hogan is the second dorm comprised of mainly seniors. Since Hogan has suites with only singles, this is a fairly popular choice for seniors who aren’t too into the EC party scene or just want a guaranteed single.

There are 26 suites total, and all of them will be filled halfway through the day. Usually the four-person and five-person suites get filled at the same time, so be prepared to shoot for EC or Claremont if you don’t get your first pick.


  • Four-person suite: 30/1300
  • Five-person suite: 30/1322


Since this dorm is usually a mix of seniors, juniors, and a select number of sophomores, there’ll still be plenty o’ pickings by the end of the day. Usually the four-person and five-person suites are snagged by seniors, but those tend to last until the end of the day, so if your number is on the higher end of the spectrum, don’t fret.

In Claremont, there are six four-person suites, just one five-person suite, three six-person suites, and 10 seven-person suites.


  • Three-person suite: 20/432
  • Four-person suite: 30/2792
  • Five-person suite: 30/2869
  • Six-person suite: 20/333
  • Seven-person suite: 20/2980


Ruggles is also a mixed dorm and is mainly comprised of seniors and juniors. The most popular choices for seniors are the four-person suites, which will be gone by the end of the day. There are also 15 eight-person suites and eight six-person suites available. Some seniors will choose these suites too, but like Claremont, they won’t take all of them, leaving a fair amount left for juniors.


  • Four-person suite: 30/1870
  • Six-person suite: 23.33/2295
  • Eight-person suite (two singles, three doubles): 20/2573
  • Eight-person suite (four singles, two doubles): 21.25/2952


  • Double: 20/598

Probably one of the lesser-known dorms, Symposium has eight studio doubles with a kitchen and bathroom. It also doesn’t have a guard, which makes it even more ~cool~. Seniors will likely take the four larger rooms and a couple of the smaller ones, but there will still be a few for juniors to snatch up early during their selection days.


The most popular senior rooms in Watt are the 11 two-bedroom apartments and the 12 one-bedroom apartments. All of the two-bedrooms will be gone halfway through the day, while there’ll be some one-bedrooms left over for junior housing. It’s unlikely that any senior will be able to find themselves in a Watt studio single, but you never know. We’ll see what happens on Monday.


  • One-bedroom apartment (two people): 20/503
  • Two-bedroom apartment (two people): 30/1507
  • Studio double: 10/495
  • Studio single: 30/96


All of the dorms in Woodbridge are the same: One-bedroom apartments with a kitchen and bathroom. However, the dorms that the seniors are after are the C, H, and K lines—these are the biggest rooms and give a nice view of Riverside Park.

There are 18 rooms available in these lines, and they’ll typically last until the end of the day. Juniors may begin picking the dorms in medium demand, which are all the other rooms excluding the smaller G, D, and I lines.


  • One-bedroom apartment, high demand (two people): 30/2892
  • One-bedroom apartment, medium demand (two people): 20/752
  • One-bedroom apartment, low demand (two people): 20/2507
  • Two-bedroom apartment (two people): 30/715

Of course keep in mind that all of these predictions only include seniors picking for in-person selection. Seniors picking during online selection will have to wait another week until they figure out their housing, but until then, keep an eye on our Whiteboard for live updates all throughout in-person housing selection.

Have any questions about senior selection day? Ask them on our Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat @CUSpectrum.

Huber Gonzalez is a Columbia College sophomore and Spectrum’s deputy editor. His number is 20/292, so he’s really hoping for a one-bedroom apartment in Watt. He really hopes the seniors don’t crush his dreams. Reach him at

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