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Housing selection has started for Columbia! Rising seniors began picking their dorms on Monday, with a few straggling groups left to pick tomorrow. Unsurprisingly, popular choicesincluded East Campus, Hogan, Watt, and Woodbridge. Here’s what we’re left with at the end of the day:

  • Nothing left in Hogan
  • 10 five-person high-rises (three singles and one double) in EC
  • Six one-bedroom apartments in Watt
  • 54 studio singles in Watt
  • Nothing left from the high-demand suites in Woodbridge (C, H, K)

Because the last lottery number to pick on Monday was 30/2555, a few seniors will have to pick at the beginning of Tuesday. Other than that, mixed groups and about a third of the rising junior class will be picking. On housing selection day two, expect these to be taken off the Whiteboard:

  • Six one-bedroom apartments in Watt
  • 54 studio doubles in Watt
  • 35 medium-demand Woodbridge apartments
  • Eight Symposium doubles
  • 10 seven-person Claremont suites
  • One five-person Claremont suite
  • Six four-person Claremont suites
  • 15 eight-person Ruggles suites
  • Five six-person Ruggles suites
  • Three four-person Ruggles Suites

So what you’ll want to do now is this: Go over to Columbia’s housing portal and see how many groups of the same size as yours are picking ahead of you. Though there’s no guarantee that these people are picking the same residence hall as you, it might give you a good indication of whether you’ll be able to end up in the dorm that you want. And if you need to reevaluate your top choices, head on over to The Shaft to find room reviews, floor plans, and more.

Good luck in the Cage!

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