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To follow our live stream of the event, check out our Twitter. To see what's been taken in real-time, check out the Whiteboard. Ideally, check out both.

Housing selection has finished for seniors and has just begun for juniors. We’re about a third of the way through junior selection (the last number to pick today was 20/945), with the rest of the juniors choosing tomorrow.

So what happened today? Well, everything we more or less predicted. Here’s what was taken:

  • Everything in Ruggles
  • Everything in EC, except for the sixth-floor doubles which will be taken by sophomores
  • All of the high- and medium-demand Woodbridge apartments
  • All one- and two-bedroom Watt apartments
  • All three- and four-person Claremont suites

What juniors are trying to get tomorrow:

  • The four low-demand Woodbridge apartments (G, D, and I)
  • 45 studio doubles in Watt
  • Three studio doubles in Symposium
  • One five-person Claremont suite
  • One six-person Claremont suite
  • Nine seven=person Claremont suites

To prepare for the worst-case scenario tomorrow, see how many groups of the same size are picking before for you here (you’ll need to log in with your UNI). If your number is on the lower side tomorrow, you might end up with a less-than-ideal living choice, like Nussbaum or Broadway. But you might be surprised. First, you’ll have a decent chance at a single. Second, someone today chose a walk-through double in Wien, which just proves that anything is possible.

But instead of choosing tomorrow, you can go to junior regroup or drop to online selection. This will either happen if you don’t like the options left for your group, or if you have no options at all. For example, if you’re a group of eight, the only options left are two suites in Carlton Arms. If those get taken before you choose, you won’t be able to do in-person selection. If you need to re-evaluate your top choices, head on over to The Shaft to assess your next best option with room reviews, floor plans, etc. Good luck!

Have any other questions about selection tomorrow? First, head over to the Whiteboard. Second, we’ll be live tweeting the day tomorrow. Then, if all else fails, ask your questions on our Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat @CUSpectrum.

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