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It was a relatively chill day in the Cage. We should know, we were there from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Want to follow along with us tomorrow? We’re live tweeting @CUSpectrum and updating the Whiteboard.)

In important news, there was a trickle-down effect that started on senior selection day (seniors chose Ruggles more than they usually do, juniors were forced to resort to Watt, meaning that it was completely gone before the day even began) that left sophomores with very few options.

In the early morning, the sophomores finished off the low-key grody EC doubles, but then it was Nussbaum, McBain, and Schapiro for most of the day with some Broadway, Wien, and Carlton Arms thrown in the mix.

Here’s what was taken on Thursday:

  • All of Nussbaum
  • All of Harmony
  • A ton of Schapiro, McBain, and Wien doubles
  • A couple of Carlton Arms suites

Here’s what’s still up for grabs for Friday:

  • 29 Broadway doubles
  • 65 McBain doubles
  • 48 Schapiro doubles
  • 27 Wien doubles
  • Eight Carlton Arms suites
    • Five four-person suites
    • Three six-person suites

Like all other days, this is what you’ll want to do: Log onto the Columbia Housing Portal and see how many groups are picking ahead of you, and then see if there are more or fewer groups than rooms. Something that’s important to note, sophomores, is that even though you may see a group of, say, six, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be looking exclusively for a six-person suite. Rather, they’ll probably be looking to pick into doubles, so if you see a group of four, six, or eight, count that as two, three, and four groups of two ahead of you.

Another real option that can actually work out fine for you is dropping to online selection, which basically means that you’ll pick your housing online (obviously) later in April. You probably won’t get a suite, but depending on your number, you might be able to find a decent double with your friends, or maybe even a single.

Another thing that might happen tomorrow is that around the number 10/2400-2500, they’ll run out of housing. If that happens, don’t fret—you’ll just be put on the Sophomore Waitlist, which will allow you to rank your dorm preferences and if you’d like to live with anybody. Housing will then see what opens up over the summer and will try to put you in your number one choice. The bad part though is that you won’t know where you’ll be living until July or August.

A lot of the good stuff is already taken, but there’s still plenty of rooms left for all you crazy kids to go wild with on Friday. If you want to see what’s being taken so you’ll know where you stand and can plan your strategy, follow along with our Twitter and the Whiteboard—they’ll be updated throughout the day.

Have any other questions about housing selection tomorrow, online selection, or the Sophomore Waitlist? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat @CUSpectrum.

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