Find out once and for all: Should you take Art Hum or Music Hum?
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Your 4/17 Wake Up Call

Today’s the first day of course registration! Are you still trying to decide between classes?

The Elections Board messed up again: When tallying votes on whether ESC’s Back to the FUture was guilty of violating campaign rules, CEB used unconventional methods. If the board had stuck to how it assessed these violations in the past, two Back to the FUture members wouldn’t have won their seats.

Mark this day in your calendar: Today’s the first day of course registration! (For seniors, anyway.) Head on over to SSOL or Student Planning via myBarnard to make sure you get signed up for exactly what you want. If you’re still trying to make up your mind, we’ll be able to help you out with that.

Can we still finish on top? Baseball had a tough weekend, losing three out of four games to Cornell at home. The Lions will now face an uphill climb to get back in the running for a top-two division finish.

The streak is over: The men’s tennis team lost against Harvard 4-2 this weekend, meaning Columbia’s 33-match winning streak is over. While upsetting, the team’s still in the running for at least a share of the Ivy title.

Is CQA selling out? Considering that the Columbia Queer Alliance is criticizing Israel, is the group actually fulfilling its mission? In this op-ed, Morgan Raum, BC ’19, and Assaf Weiss, Law ’17, say no, claiming that the group’s anti-Israel messages are anti-Semitic and go against the principles of inclusion and acceptance that the group usually preaches.

Presidential debates: What were the hot topics of the CCSC debates this past Saturday? Mental health, community building, and how CCSC could do more for marginalized groups on campus, among others.

It’s the question everyone’s asking: If you’re in SEAS anyway—should you take Art Hum or Music Hum? Take this quiz to find out.

Getting techy: You might not love Barnard’s Thinking Technologically and Digitally requirement, but it’s one req that all 2020-ers and later classes will have to satisfy. Here’s how you can get through it as pain-free as possible.

More than meets the eye: How do you mix one passion with another? Ask Phoebe Jones, BC ’18, who has found a way to combine her passion for photography with social justice.

Celebrating a decade of dance: Imagine alumni coming back to CU to relive their glory days. That’s what the Columbia Ballet Collective did this past weekend. The group held a special performance where it invited alumni back and restaged works the group had performed in its early days to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Who do you really know? We all have people we call friends, but how well do we really know them? Columnist Jarett Poliner, SEAS ’19, talks about what it really means to know someone beyond a superficial label of “friendship.”

Conflicts within the board: Are there any conflicts of interest within SGA’s Election Commission? According to a former SGA University senator, yes, and it should be a cause for concern.

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Pro tip of the day

Don’t get hungover on a hangover: We know it’s the weekend and you’ll probably spend a good chunk of it letting loose, but don’t regret it the next morning. Here’s how you can tackle the hangover after a wild Friday night.

Events and opportunities

Panel: What is Sustainable Development- And Why Does it Matter?
6:30 - 7:30 p.m. in Sulzberger Parlor (3rd floor Barnard Hall)

Professional: Columbia Women in Engineering Day
10 a.m. - 2 p.m. in Pupin Plaza

Workshop: How to Plan for an Emergency or Disaster
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. in Jerome Greene Hall Room JG - 106

Lecture: Mexican Monday April 17 with Greg Berger
4:30 - 6 p.m. in the International Affairs Building Room 802

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