Tired of studying from a book? Try some of these online resources.
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Your 4/27 Wake Up Call

Three more days of classes!

In high demand: Students are regularly left waiting two or three weeks for appointments with clinicians at CPS, and the other resources available—such as phone interviews and walk-in hours—can be difficult to navigate. What does the University plan to do to fix this?

Tired of the traditional: Reading straight from your textbook only does so much. Mix up your studying habits by trying out some of these online resources, from thought map makers to programs that teach you how to study.

The future is Ful*bright*: Six Barnard students and alumni won Fulbright scholarships this year.

Do-or-die time: The baseball team needs to go 3-1 or better this weekend against Penn in order to make it to the Ivy League title game. Can they do it?

Who will direct the Earth Institute? Ever since Jeffrey Sachs peaced out in the fall of 2015, the Earth Institute has been searching for a new director, but there’s no timeline in place yet for finding his replacement.

Summer lovin’ had me a blast: Can’t find love in the Columbia bubble? Danielle Deiseroth, CC ’18, reflects on a summer romance and the value of breezy, carefree love outside the Columbia bubble.

All about the new SGA president: What’s on the agenda for new Barnard SGA President Angela Beam? Hint: She wants to improve accessibility to SGA by reaching out to more student groups.

More accessibility for those with disabilities: There was recently a panel at Columbia about disabilities on campus. What is the University doing to improve accessibility and inclusivity?

Making the personal political: What’s the most difficult form of intolerance to combat on campus? Apathetic, apolitical peers. In his final column, Ben Swanson, CC ’18, discusses why making the personal political is important at Columbia.

Seven strong sisters: What does it mean to be a women’s college? That’s a bit difficult to answer, especially when you consider Barnard’s evolving mission. In this op-ed, Rose Reiken, BC ’20, writes about how Barnard students should hold the college accountable to its mission of empowering its students.

Heard the concert from Butler on Sunday? That was the Postcrypt Folk Festival, a seven-hour festival on Butler Lawn Sunday afternoon and evening.

A diamond on the diamond: Baseball’s strongest offensive contributor and one of the best in the Ivy League, junior Randell Kanemaru, will look to use his talents on and off the diamond to help his team return to the top of the league.

Required Reading

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Pro tip of the day

Made yourself a studying schedule yet? If not, it’s time to get on that. Don’t suffer reading week—plan ahead now to save yourself from pain and stress in the future.

Events and opportunities

Play: CBGT Presents: A Beautiful Country by Chay Yew
8 p.m. in Lerner Black Box Theatre

Performance: Sig Clef Semi-Formal: Clefhangers Final Concert
8 - 9 p.m. in Wien Hall

Party: Student Recognition Night!
6:30 - 7:30 p.m. in Hamilton Hall

Art showing: Home Improvement Opening Reception
5 - 8 p.m. at the Louise McCagg Gallery, Diana Center

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You definitely win, my friend. Any way you can get to the Goldman Sachs is a good way.

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