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Your 5/1 Wake Up Call

Last day of school. So sad... not.

What a year it's been: Now that it's the last day of classes, look back on all that has happened this year with Spectator's special Year in Review issue. 

Started studying yet? Get all the finals content you need with Spectrum. Here’s a masterpost of everything you need to ace those exams.

Mo’ money for mo’ groups: There have been some changes in student group funding. As the number of groups continues to grow, the University will give just 2 percent more than they did in the past year, while the Bacchanal planning committee will get less than 1 percent more (despite getting almost 10 percent more last year).

What’s happening to Bernie’s?  Bernheim and Schwartz might not be the same next year, but it’s not going away completely.

I don’t know: We’re taught how to argue against each other without knowing the full story. We spend two hours debating in Lit Hum with only the info we get from SparkNotes. Rekha Kennedy, CC ’17, says that we need more nuance in our arguments, and need to be comfortable with not knowing what to say.

Frats you’ve never heard of: Multicultural Greek organizations are often ignored and overlooked. Juan Diego Jaramillo, CC ’20, argues that these organizations often provide social spaces and hold events that impact the CU community, but that their smaller size leaves them relatively obscure.

The right’s diversity: The number of liberals on campus greatly outweighs the number of conservatives, but Nikita Mary Singareddy, CC ’17, argues that just because there are few conservatives doesn’t mean they are underrepresented.

How did the Varsity Show come to be? Here’s a comprehensive history of the show from its inception as a musical fundraiser for varsity sports in 1894 to today.

Outdoor theater? Sign us up! King’s College Shakespeare Troupe established its roaming spring Shakespeare rendition in 1995 as a way to combat the Varsity Show’s purported elitism. This year, they delivered a magical performance that took audience members on a voyage around many of Columbia’s famed buildings in “As You Like It.”

Sleeping ballerinas: The Columbia University Ballet Ensemble made skill-level inclusivity a priority at its presentation of “The Sleeping Beauty” this weekend, with a full range of soloists and ensemble pieces.

A DIY Debut: Barnard visual arts department seniors presented their thesis works, all of which centered on the theme of “Home Improvement”—favoring a rugged and unfinished aesthetic—over the weekend at the Louise McCagg Gallery.

It’s not just a coffeehouse: Postcrypt Art Gallery has had an interesting identity shift over the past few years. Where are its directors now, and what plans do they have for the future of this hidden gem on campus?

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Pro tip of the day

Procrastinators anonymous: With finals looming, it’s important that you stick to your schedule and don’t get distracted while studying. Here are tips from three different Spectrum writers on how you can battle procrastination.

Events and opportunities

Performance: It's Bacchantae, B*tch!: Final Concert Spring 2017
9 - 10 p.m. in the Glicker-Milstein Theatre

Study break: ROOTEd takes on: DIY! <3
9 - 10:30 p.m. in the International Resource Center

Free food: GS Juice Bar
1 - 3 p.m. in GS Lounge

Study break: Jazz House Originals 2017
8 - 9 p.m. in Dodge 112

Discussion: Mexican Monday May 1st with Antonio Saborit
4:30 - 6 p.m. in the International Affairs Building, Room 802

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