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The deadline for dropping a class without having a 'withdrawal' marked on your transcript is today.

If you’re asking yourself whether or not you should drop a class, our advice is simple: Do it.


If you so choose, here are some steps for the last drop day at Barnumbia:


  • Log onto SSOL
  • Click “registration” on the sidebar and follow “Continue with Fall 2017 ADD/DROP request”
  • Email your CSA adviser to grovel make sure that the request is on their radar


  • Wake up very early
  • Grab an “Application to Drop a Course” form, available at the Office of the Registrar
  • Hope your adviser is in, and get their signature on the form (note: If dropping that course will put you under 12 credits, you will need the signature of your class dean)

For both Columbia and Barnard, you can technically drop a class at any time past this deadline—but it will show up as a ‘W’ for withdrawal on your transcript.

Why you should drop

The advice to drop comes with an obvious caveat: You shouldn’t drop a class if it makes you go below the 12-credit minimum. If you want to keep your dorm housing, you’ll need to take at least 12 credits. However, the salient point is that there is no shame in dropping a class if you’re feeling one of a number of ways:

1. You don’t enjoy the work

Most of us have been there before. You can’t be interested in everything, and sometimes that CS class that seemed adventurous during registration is actually a living nightmare. Don’t play yourself: If the only time you get enjoyment from the class is when you’re not in it, it’s probably not the course for you. Unless, of course, it’s a major requirement—then you’re stuck in Il Purgatorio.

2. First midterm was... less than stellar

If you legit studied for a class but got a legit bad grade on the first midterm/test, you might want to reconsider spending a ton of hours each week on it. If it’s not crucial to take now for your major, then you’re better off spending time on classes that you know you have a handle on. But if you were just lazy and didn’t really study for the midterm, then that’s on you, and you should probably just buckle up. That being said, for both scenarios, you still have the pass/D/fail option and can uncover the grade later if you so choose.

3. You’re taking more than 20 credits


4. It’s a whimsical class, and you’re already pass/D/failing another one out of necessity

Everyone loves a good “for fun” class. They remind us that college can and should be a place to explore new topics and to absorb as much as you can while you’re here. That said, even if it seems like it’s a bunny now, very few classes at Barnumbia are a breeze, and if you’re already taking another off-the-wall course that you know you’re pass/D/failing, that additional passion class could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. | @CUSpectrum

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