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Aaron Paul was filming for the third season of his series "The Path."

Attention: Aaron Paul was in MoHi, bitch.

Yes, that’s right, your favorite “Breaking Bad” actor was right by campus on Thursday night. Paul was spotted with camera crews on 116th Street and Claremont Avenue filming for “The Path,” a Hulu original TV series. His trailers were parked along Broadway..

In the series, Paul stars as Eddie Lane, a member of the Meyerism movement, a feigned spiritualist movement that is centered around anticipation of a worldwide doomsday. Paul was filmed walking up and down Claremont, kept away from fans by a security detail.

It’s unclear if the filming in MoHi will continue into the weekend, but if we’re lucky, the cast and crew may stick around for a few more days. The production crew on the scene declined to comment on the nature of the filming aside from the fact that, yes, it was indeed the Aaron Paul who was being filmed. | @CUSpectrum

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