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Forgotten in the hype over Josh Wainwright's winning catch and Columbia's 5-0 record is a certain fallen hero.

Columbia football’s Homecoming win, and the unusually large crowd of alumni and students in attendance, should be commended. But one hero forgotten in the post-5-0 hooplah should be equally commended: The referee who got decked by the day’s hero— sophomore wide receiver Josh Wainwright—in the final play.

To be fair, the catch made by Wainwright was extremely clutch and could be a watershed moment for Columbia football.

But, man, did the referee who was supposed to mark it as a touchdown take quite the tumble.

Tj Givens

If you watch the full video here, another referee had to step in for his fallen comrade to mark the play as the final blow that sealed Columbia’s groundbreaking win.

The first referee was only doing his job. Wainwright was only trying to celebrate a seminal moment in Columbia football history. The two actors, while both in sync with the moment, played into one’s glory and another’s tragedy.

If anyone has any news regarding this poor soul’s condition, please contact us at

A spokesman from Ivy League Athletics did not respond by press time.

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