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You're probably working on midterms, and you probably also deserve a break.

We can all use a good nap every once in awhile. But during midterms, “every once in awhile” might turn into every twice or thrice in awhile.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a quick list of places for you on campus to recharge for that hellish in-class essay or that final p-set stretch when there’s not enough time to head back to your dorm for a snooze.

Lerner Piano Lounge

Ideal for its proximity to Ferris Booth Commons, Café 212, and Café East, hit up Lerner’s Piano Lounge for a “productive” work/nap session. With a variety of colorful couches to provide the illusion of a student lounge area, the clatter of keyboards, and the occasional whispers of students grinding over unnecessarily complicated problem sets, the quiet bustle of this lounge is perfect for a short nap. If you can only snooze in silence or want someplace private, however, you may want to look for an alternative.

Diana LL2

Description: Feeling a little blue? Hit up Diana LL2 for a some chill vibes. The large and comfy chaise means you can take a nap lying down, and if you’re in the Diana Center late in the evening, this floor is usually less crowded.

Ethan M Wu

Butler Stacks

You don’t need to look too far from your study spot to find some space in the stacks. While known as a space for less-wholesome-than-a-nap activities, the stacks have great lighting for taking a snooze, but be warned that you’ll be lying down on the cold, dusty floor. Bring a blanket/pillow (or if we’re being more practical, a large sweater or scarf) to make this a more fulfilling nap.

Mudd Lounge

Find yourself lost in the dark and fiery depths of the engineering quad? No fear, an ideal nap spot is situated in close proximity; just head over to Mudd for semi-comfortable plastic chairs and diner-style booths. Lacking the grandeur of the libraries, the aura of a guilt- and embarrassment-free nap zone will soon set upon you (just remember to keep an alarm set, since no judgmental glares will be keeping you on your toes here).

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The bench outside Avery

This is kind of a last resort, but a resort nonetheless (at least in the warmer months). On a constant time crunch, this circular slab of concrete is unsuitable for a nap longer than 15 minutes. Located right outside Avery, the location and discomfort of this nap spot make it ideal for a quick doze between classes or after a grueling study session.

Mathematics Lawn

Unwind under the shady trees of the Mathematics lawn for the suburban Ivy nap feel. It’ll only be warm enough for a few more days, so soak it in while you can. Bonus: This lawn is used sparingly, so have no fear of being whacked with a ball or frisbee.

Have any favorite napping spots that we missed? Let us know at or on our Facebook @CUSpectrum.

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