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VICE Media and Spectator will host “The State of our Unions,” a panel on the sexual health of young people and the rising STD crisis, this Thursday.

But who’s actually qualified to speak about sexual health?

The answer: Dr. Gillian Dean, Eileen Kelly, and Cecilia Gentili.

Dean, Associate Medical Director of Planned Parenthood New York, as the keynote speaker. Dean is a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist, affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital. She has been an outspoken advocate for IUD contraceptive use (even made CBSNews!) in her role.

Eileen Kelly, a sex educator and prominent instagram presence, as well as transgender activist Cecilia Gentili will round out the panel.

Gentili works as Director of Policy at GMHC, an HIV/AIDS service organization. You can read her Q&A with the Huffington Post here. She also ran the Transgender Health Program at Apicha HCH from 2012 to 2016.

She frequents storytelling events, where she often advocates for trans women of color.

Kelly, who has 400 thousand followers on Instagram, founded the editorial site killerandasweetthang, which encourages sex positivity and open conversations about “sex and all the other things we are told not to talk about, but desperately need to know.”

The content on her site ranges anywhere from “Cya, thongs” to “I’ve got beef with the patriarchy,” and “how to properly use a condom.”

The event will be held 7-9 P.M. this Thursday at the University Faculty House on 64 Morningside Drive. | @CUSpectrum

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