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Alison Li / Staff Illustrator

Yeah, we get it—it’s midterm season. You have two exams, three papers, a presentation, an interview, and an existential crisis. Because of all those excuses, you probably took the easy way out and dressed up like a cat or bought a Trump mask. Don’t do that for the actual Halloween (or All Hallows’ Eve, whatever floats your boat) on Tuesday.

Instead, take pride in the school that’s causing all your stress! Rep Columbia University in the City of New York in some more … unique ways. Here’s a list of some group costumes for when you and your friends are falling apart:


It controls our lives, so it may as well dominate our only chances of fun. Go out on the town as Columbia’s super fun, super sexy, super powerful #squadghouls.

Lee Bollinger

Items needed: Tie, dark suit, white shirt, white wig with interesting bangs, smirk.

Bonus points for accompanying bodyguards.

Sian Beilock

Items needed: Carefully placed coffee mug, neutral turtleneck, that gold watch from the only photo of Beilock ever.

Suzanne Goldberg

Items needed: The classic Goldberg ’do, suit jacket, blouse.

First-year dorms

Channel your cringey, awkward, and desperate first-year self and strut around Columbia thinking that you escaped the nerdiness of your high school career. Don’t worry—you’re not cool. At all.


Alison Li

Items needed: NSOP shirt, alcohol, fake vomit, tank top, and slides.

John Jay

Items needed: JJ’s takeout container, “Connecticut Casual” tops, over-the-top bottle of wine and cheese.


Instead of buckling down in a library this Halloweekend, take the library out with you! Beat down the temptation of selling your soul to your academics and hit the town as everyone’s favorite stresspots.


Items needed: vape, glasses with clear frames, Stan Smiths.


Alison Li

Items needed: S’well bottle, Herschel backpack, Canada Goose jacket, Blue Java cup, dark undereye circles.

International Affairs

Items needed: Cigarette, tight pants, leather bag, loafers.


Items needed: Columbia Engineering sweatshirt, thick-framed glasses, generic Nike sneakers.

Columbia football bandwagoners

Alison Li

Who needs fairy tales when we can say that we are first in the Ivy League for football? Columbia. A football school. Pinch us, we must be dreaming. A true mythical creature in its own right.

Items needed: Very starch “Columbia Football” shirts that have clearly never been worn before. Overenthusiasm and slight disbelief about being able to call Columbia a “football school.” Bonus points for faces painted Columbia blue. | @CUSpectrum

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