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Have you been watching the news this semester? Don’t worry, neither have we.

Meanwhile, our news, A&E, sports, and long-form journalism—a.k.a. The Eye—teams have been hard at work writing about it. If you’ve been a little out of the loop (back-to-school flu, overwhelmed by course shopping … it’s a tough time to be alive), fear not: we’re here to brief you on the headlines you might see more about in the coming months.

PrezBo’s Favorite Amendment and CUCR: The Columbia University College Republicans made multiple headlines—and spurred a good deal of controversy—following their decision to host known white nationalists Tommy Robinson and Mike Cernovich as guests on campus last semester. In the wake of the events, students are still concerned that CUCR’s insistence on controversy is indicative of a deeper problem at Columbia.

Labor Relations Limbo: After several years of graduate students campaigning for collective bargaining rights with the university, some victories have been achieved, such as graduate TAs being recognized as employees by the NLRB. But is the university’s prolonged resistance to entering negotiations with the graduate student union a sign of persisting problems?

The Fall of Roma: Photography Professor Thomas Roma, a fixture of Columbia’s School of the Arts, retired this month after five former students came forward to the New York Times with allegations of sexual misconduct. His replacement has not yet been announced, and the accusations have caused a bout of shock throughout the community.

Bye bye, Brie Katz: A rough women’s volleyball season has ended with the team coach’s official resignation, in an unexpected move. While the athletics department searches for a replacement, the future of the team remains uncertain.

Back in Butler: The Columbia University Marching Band, against the will of the administration, once again held their semiannual Orgo Night performance in Butler 209. No repercussions of their decision have been fully realized,but there may be some before this coming semester’s anticipated finals week event.

Laying Up Upstate: Men’s basketball has already beat Cornell once this season, and is slated to play them again. Could we be looking at a repeat of the nearly unprecedented football success of fall 2017—this time, on the court?

DJ Diversity: WBAR has made an active effort to include more voices of color this semester. Where are their efforts going, and how do students feel about the quality of their endeavors so far?

Scraping for Space: Columbia brands itself as a place where musicians can flourish in the New York cultural nexus. But is the school doing all it can in terms of allotting resources—especially practice space—to its musicians? An insufficiently answered petition and student disheartenment suggest that there may still be problems. | @CUSpectrum

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