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It’s officially T-10 days until Valentine’s Day, and it’s also still really, really cold outside, which means cuffing season definitely isn’t over. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, love is on the brain of the Spectrum (and even Opinion!) staff(s) this month.

That’s why we need YOU to participate in our completely unscientific, but nonetheless absolutely fascinating, study about sex and relationships at Columbia and Barnard. Ever wondered if Columbia students are actually having less sex than their peers? Are many of your classmates really as emotionally unavailable as Columbia Crushes would make it seem? We want to provide you with answers, but we’re gonna require your help to do that.

If you have a Columbia UNI, click here to fill out this (literally five-minute long!) spectacular, and 100% anonymous, survey; if you’re Barnard, click here. | @CUSpectrum

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