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The stressful season of housing selection is finally over, but that also means you are now facing a blank slate for room décor in the fall. Scrambling on Pinterest to find the right vibe for your future room? Overwhelmed by the collection of tapestries and wall art on Society6? Spectrum’s got you covered. Whether you are going for the minimalist aesthetic, the laid-back vibe, the alternative style, or the natural organic look, we have picked out some of the staples that will spice up your dorm affordably!

The Minimalist

Lemme guess: Your favorite colors are black, white, and gray, and you enjoy simplicity in your room décor. The essentials of the minimalist look, of course, include white or gray bedding and simple decorations that won’t overpower the clean color palette. A great way to add color and vibrancy to this look is to incorporate gold accessories. Here are some of our favorites: gold geometric LED string lights (chic but also not ~basic~) and triangular black grid floating shelves that not only are cute, but also provide space to organize your jewelry, plants, stationery, and other belongings to keep your room uncluttered, just like you like it.

The Chill Vibe

Are you more about the laid-back, chill vibe? We have the perfect accessories to transform your dorm into a cozy crib where you can just relax and unwind after a long day. In order to create this atmosphere, we recommend cool tones to build a peaceful and calming ambiance, like blue and purple. Some essentials include a neon LED light strip which creates great aesthetic lighting and a Himalayan salt lamp that not only stabilizes the ionic balance of your room, but also provides a mellow glow for the nighttime.

The Alternative

You like things your unique way and generally venture outside the box. You are artsy, you are alternative, and you are NOT a fan of conforming to the basics. Your room is a canvas for your free spirit and creativity, and we recommend bold and vibrant colors and decorations to match your mood. If you are a fan of old school vibes, a stereo turntable speaker will be perfect for you, and you can turn your vinyl records into wall decor as well.

Au Naturale

Being in New York City can be exhausting. Do you crave nature and miss the organic, natural vibes of the outdoors? The best way to feel closer to nature is to decorate your dorm room with greenery and incorporate as many elements of wood and plants as possible. Succulents, of course, should be your go-to window-side or bedside decor, and you should definitely check out these distressed wooden floating shelves for storage space and natural vibes!

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