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Registration season is always a stressful time, whether that involves scrambling through Vergil to find classes, comparing professors on CULPA, or anxiously checking the classes on SSOL for enrollments and waitlists. In short, registration sucks. In April, we asked what would help make course selection smoother and easier. Well, we heard you and we made it! After a month of hard coding, the SpecTech team and Spectrum finally present Vergil+, a Google Chrome extension that makes enhances your registration experience.

How do I install it?

You can click here to download the Chrome extension—it’s as simple as that!

That was easy! What does Vergil+ do exactly?

Core Swap: Comparing sections of core classes can be overwhelming—professors, times, enrollment, there are just so many factors to keep in mind and sometimes it just feels impossible to find your ideal section. Vergil+ introduces the function of Core course swapping, where you can post swap requests and get matched with someone who wants your class!

Smart Search: What even is the full name of Lit Hum or CC? Why can’t I find these classes on Vergil? The old Vergil can’t recognize common nicknames for courses and keywords, but the old Vergil, much like the real, dead one, is a thing of antiquity. Vergil+ incorporates smart searches so it will be able to recognize shortcuts and keywords, and you’ll have one less step in navigating course registration.

Major Checklist: It’s a pain to keep up track of major requirements It’s stressful, it’s overwhelming, it’s chaotic—but all of this is radically simplified with Vergil+! With this extension, you will be able to have a customized checklist of the classes you need to take that you can reference while browsing on Vergil.

Sounds pretty sweet. Any other perks?

Yes! Vergil Plus also can help you see live enrollment numbers for classes and organize your life by exporting your class schedule to Google Calendar or iCal. New features are released every few weeks, and grade distributions for every class and course reviews are coming soon!


Search for classes more easily, swap core classes, keep track of requirements, see live course enrollment numbers, and and export your class schedule, all with Vergil+. Help yourself and close all those tabs that you will no longer need, and install Vergil+ now!

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