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The Empire Hotel from “Gossip Girl”

Hey Columbia! Spectrum here, your one and only source for insight into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Head on down to the Empire Hotel, which can be found on W 63rd St. Take the 1 train down to the 66th St. exit; travel time will take approximately 20 minutes. Chuck Bass may not actually reside there in real life, but you can find the Lobby Bar, which was actually featured in “Gossip Girl.” The bar even serves cocktails named “Lonely Boy” and “Jenny’s Tartlet” in tribute to the show. You know you love me for telling you this. Xoxo, Spectrum.

Cafe Lalo aka “You’ve Got Mail” Cafe

In 1998, Cafe Lalo made a famous cameo in the romantic comedy “You’ve Got Mail” with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (the original iconic duo, don’t tell us otherwise). Located on W 83rd St, this cafe serves all-day brunch on weekends but is mostly famous for its incredible desserts. Cafe Lalo offers 70 different types of cakes and cheesecakes, as well as 19 flavors of pie. If you need to eat your feelings this finals season, get off the 1 train at 86th St. and head on down to Cafe Lalo. Travel time is only about 18 minutes, so you have no excuse.

H&H Bagels

Although Tom’s Restaurant may seem like the most obvious tourist spot for “Seinfeld” fans, H&H Bagels located on 526 Columbus Ave between 86th and 85th St. is yet another of Seinfeld’s most famous filming spots. In a Seinfeld episode titled “Strike,” Kramer receives a phone call letting him know that a 12-year strike at H&H Bagels, where he had formerly worked, had ended. He then decides to go back to work there. Check this bagel place out if you want to eat a bagel from somewhere other than Nussbaum & Wu (honestly, we’re still trying to decide if Nuss should be trusted after its health rating scandal).

Gray’s Papaya

What is a New York attractions list without a location seen in “Sex and the City?” Gray’s Papaya is featured in a 2002 episode called “Plus One is the Loneliest Number,” and has also made cameos in “How I Met Your Mother” and “Glee.” Located at 2090 Broadway by 72nd Street, this place is famous for its affordable, high-quality hot dogs. In 20 minutes, you can take the 1 train down to 72nd street and check out Gray’s Papaya if you want to see why all of your favorite television characters went there.


Looking to leave the Morningside Heights bubble but still want to remain on Broadway? Zabar’s can be found on 2245 Broadway at 80th St. You could be there in 18 minutes if you get off the 1 train on 86th St. Zabar’s is more than just a grocery store—it’s an emporium of kitchenware, cooking supplies, and more (they sell everything, and we do mean everything). Not to mention, this place has been mentioned in several TV series such as “Friends,” “Sex and the City,” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

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