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One of the best things about being a college student is definitely the discounts. Here’s a complete list of all the amazing discounts you can get as a student in NYC—for everything from Broadway tickets to promo codes—to help you shop. There’s no need to worry about being extremely broke and, therefore, being stuck on campus all the time. With these amazing discounts, you’ll still be able to get the full NYC experience.


Thanks to the Passport to Museums program, Columbia/Barnard students have access to over 30 museums in NYC for FREE! With free access to museums such as The Met, The MoMA, and The Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum, you’re guaranteed to have no shortage of things to do on your days off. You can find the complete list of museums participating in the program HERE.


As a student, you have access to discounted movie vouchers and Broadway and off-Broadway tickets. You can buy movie vouchers at the Ticket and Information Center (TIC), located in Lerner Hall, or the Barnard Store, located in the Diana Center, while cheaper theater tickets are on sale at the Barnard Store or through Givenik for shows such as The Lion King of The Phantom of the Opera. Don’t worry; you won’t have to miss any movies coming out this fall and you’ll definitely have a chance to see the famous musicals you’ve been dying to see for years.


One thing everybody is guilty of is a stress shopping. Thanks to Unidays, stress shopping is one indulgence you won’t have to give up even as a broke college students. If you join online for free, you automatically get access to tons of discount codes for anything from food to clothes. Definitely something to take advantage of when you’re stressed during finals or even to buy room decorations for your dorm room.


As technically fully-fledged adults, it’s important that college students keep up with current events. Thanks to student discounts offered by major magazines (and the fact that you have FREE access to Spectator!!!!) you’ll be able to have your morning coffee while catching up with each day’s major headlines. The New York Times offers online access for $1 per week. The Wall Street Journal offers print and digital for $1 per week. The Economist also offers discounts, which vary by subscription.


If you walk into Butler, you’ll notice that almost every student is listening to music while studying, all thanks to amazing discounts given by Apple Music and Spotify. You can get access to either Apple Music or Spotify for only $5 per month. Trust us: you need to take advantage of this discount. You’ll use it almost every day.


As a college student, you’ll definitely need to buy some new tech and, fortunately for you, many tech companies offer great discounts. Apple discounts vary, but you can get a pretty good deal on a new computer when they offer their back-to-school deals. They’ll even throw in a pair of free Beats headphones. Dell offers 20 percent off all online purchases for students. Microsoft offers 10 percent off. With your newly minted email, you can register for a six-month free trial for Amazon Prime, after which you’ll only have to pay $49 per year for the service instead of the normal $99]. You may also want to talk to your phone provider, as T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T all offer discounts.

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