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Packing for college? Putting it off because you’re not sure what you’ll need or never use? Yeah, it’s stressful, but we, the pros, have you covered. Here are some tips on how to live your best packing life on your way to CU.

The three types of first-years:

1. The one who let mom pack

Enough bandages to cover the entirety of their body? They’ve got it. That cowboy hat from their elementary school production of “Oklahoma”? They’ve got that too. They brought everything they might possibly need and more, and their roommate is somewhat grateful but mostly annoyed that the tiny space they have to call “home” just got even smaller.

2. The one who’ll need that trip to Bed Bath & Beyond

It’s a warm August night. The breeze is blowing through their hair when they realize they’re leaving for college. Tomorrow. Nonchalantly, they begin to “pack” by throwing whatever’s on their floor into a suitcase and calling it a night.

3. The one who doesn’t need to read this

I hate to say it, but chances are this isn’t you. Hopefully after reading these tips from us here at Spectrum you’ll be a packing pro before you know it!

Leave it:

1. Air mattress

Unless you’re planning on having many visitors—actual visitors—throughout the year, chances are your air mattress will only serve to take up precious space inside your closet.

2. Extra furniture

Unless it’s a small lounge chair for friends, don’t bother bring extra bulky furniture with you. This is Manhattan; the room is going to be small and you’ll be thankful for any free space you can get.

3. Laptop tray

I’ve never once seen someone use a laptop tray, although I know students bring them from time to time. Each room comes with a desk, and there are plenty of others in Butler Library.

4. Wall clock

Most people nowadays make do with some form of phone or wristwatch, but if that’s not your cup of tea, an alarm clock will do the trick just fine.

5. Personal library

Books are a great resource to have in a dorm room, but seriously consider how much free time you’re going to have throughout the year and just how much space theyware going to take up on what will already be an overworked shelf. Try to your best to find a good ratio.

6. Your entire wardrobe

You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again. Don’t bring everything you own. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you can imagine your college experience without it, leave it at home.

You’ll need it:

1. Shower shoes

I’ll say it again for the people in the back: Bring shower shoes. If there’s any advice you decide to take from this list, let it be this. It doesn’t matter what dorm you’re in, you’ll need shoes to wear when you go to the dorm bathroom. A pair of old rubber flip flops will work fine. Just bring them.

2. Extra pillows

Whether you’re writing a paper, watching Netflix with friends, or FaceTiming a family member, at one point you’ll sit on your bed and lean against the wall. Not only can the pillows make you more comfortable, they give you a chance to add some personality to the room!

3. Lint brush, stain remover Pen, and wrinkle spray

Imagine a world where you can roll of out bed, be at class in 15 minutes, and have your clothes look flawless. This triple threat has helped countless of us look more put-together than we deserve to.

4. Reusable water bottle

If you don’t already have one, they’re a great investment! There are countless places to refill on campus, and soon you won’t know how to live without it.

5. Sealable plastic bags

You’ll be surprised how many times you’ll need them to store stashes of stolen cafeteria food, extra chargers, etc.

6. Disinfecting wipes

College is a place of many opportunities, including the opportunity to get sick. Make a habit of wiping down your surfaces with disinfecting wipes. I recommend doing this during move-in before loading up drawers and counters with your things.

7. Rain boots/rain jacket/sturdy umbrella

a. Something you first-years might not know: New York City is dirty. When it rains, the streets become bathtubs filled with grime, so do yourself a favor and don’t forget to bring the proper gear.

8. Mini vacuum

Piggybacking off the NYC being dirty thing; the floors of your dorm room can get more disgusting than you can imagine. At one point throughout the months you’ll be here, you’re going to require a vacuum.

9. Reliable headphones

Whether you're going for a run in Dodge or drowning out the noise of your neighbors, a good set of headphones is a must. Preferably a pair you won’t have to worry about breaking in your bag.

10. Mini stapler

You’re going to have papers. You’re going to print them. You’ll need to staple them. Many printers don’t have a stapler in sight and, if you’re running late for class, you’ll thank yourself for having one with you.

11. Mattress pad

It’s not necessary, but it will change your life. Turn your afternoon nap into a luxurious snooze.

12. Area rug

Again, not necessary, but a fuzzy rug is a great way to make the room feel more cozy. However, refer to number 8.

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