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“Remember that time during NSOP when…” Some people will finish this statement with a crazy story from a Carmen party, their first wild night at Mel’s, or a trip to Dumbo with a random assortment of people they haven’t seen since. NSOP, though, elicits so many complex emotions aside from those that feature in the funny narratives some people may tell. During this transitional week of your life, you all may feel homesick, insecure, lonely, or uncomfortable. Here is how these emotions may manifest themselves during NSOP.

You will actually miss your parents, maybe even your siblings, and for sure your dog.

“Woohoo College! No more parents! I can do whatever I want!” is something said by almost every eighteen-year-old when they talk about their excitement for college. Well, there will come a moment when you realize that your parents are on a plane back to California and you are stuck in New York City with a bunch of people you don’t know. You may find yourself calling your parents a lot in the beginning, which is completely normal. Most people call their parents quite often, whether they admit it or not. As time progresses, you will adjust to living on your own. There’s always FaceTime, though, for whenever you are missing home.

Your insecurities from high school may carry over into NSOP.

Let’s face it; most of you were probably nerds in high school. Coming into NSOP, some of you might have hopes and dreams of getting that fresh start you’ve always dreamed of. You may see college as an opportunity to get rid of the nerdy perception people had of you during high school. Maybe you’ve been hitting up the gym, buying a new wardrobe of “cool” clothes, or deleting most of your Instagram pictures to ensure that no traces of the old you exist on social media. You definitely can have that fresh start, but don’t let these insecurities from high school create an obsession of wanting to be popular. Cliques exist during NSOP because people are lost and willing to latch onto any group that is heading to a Carmen party that night. Don’t try so hard to fit in with an NSOP clique to the point where you lose yourself. College is an opportunity to make genuine friendships. Being yourself is the best way to attract friends who will ultimately make you the most happy.

You may not party during NSOP. You are not the only one.

Not everyone is hitting up a Carmen party, 1020, or a club downtown. If you feel alone during NSOP because you think everyone is getting lit, don’t you worry. Plenty of people sit in their dorm rooms watching Netflix, contemplating life, or calling a friend from home to give a life update. This state of NSOP loneliness is not permanent. If you want to party but don’t know where to go or who to go with, there will be plenty of parties during the year that you will be able to attend with the right group of friends. If partying isn’t your thing, you will find so many friends who feel the same way as you. College is just beginning for you, so don’t feel as if NSOP is a reflection of your realistic social life.

You may find yourself in social situations where you feel uneasy.

All of you are probably very eager to make friends quickly. NSOP is a great opportunity for you to meet so many amazing people. Since this is a bit of a wildcard week, have fun, but please be safe. Trust your gut instincts. If something feels wrong to you, it probably is, so find a way to go back to your dorm room in the safest manner.

Nevertheless, go into NSOP with a positive mindset. So many people have the time of their lives and create great memories. Just remember, if you feel uncomfortable, lonely, and out-of-place, know that you are not the only one. NSOP is one week of the entire college experience, and there is so much more to look forward to.

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