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As the first month of school have flown by, Libra season has arrived before we even knew it! Libras, marked by their kindness, peacefulness and attraction towards balance and harmony, will hopefully inspire you to find some inner balance as well in October.

Libra, as an air sign, exudes romantic, lively, and curious energy. This is the perfect time for Gemini and Aquarius, as fellow air signs, to celebrate and thrive with new adventures, explorations, and romantic changes. The aura of Libra season is much lighter and more freeing than that of Virgo season, and as fall officially enters campus with sweater weather and beautiful foliage, we should all enjoy this season and its liberating atmosphere.

October is a busy month, as midterms, papers and projects begin to creep up on us. Libra season should allow you to counter the stress with some fun, adventure, and inner peace. On the other hand, with Homecoming and Halloween right at the corner, Libra energy will sure guide you in feeling more spiced up, flirtatious, energetic, and up for good times with your friends!

Some of the most iconic Libra celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Childish Gambino and Serena Williams. The list can go on and on, since Libras are naturally drawn to arts, beauty, fashion, spotlight, and shhh … drama. Enjoy your pumpkin-spice-everythings, and indulge in the spice of Libra season!

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