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HoCo is just around the corner, which means loud music, Columbia gear, and darties all weekend. Wanna host your own rager to celebrate our Lion’s victory? (Let’s be real, we’re SO crushing Dartmouth). Spectrum has you covered. In the very first piece of our #SpecSoiree series, we’ll be teaching you the basics: from prepping killer cocktails to curating the perfect party playlist.

The space

To have a great party, you must have a great set up. Safety comes first, so make sure you don’t have any sharp objects, breakables, or flammable items in your room. More is less when it comes to partying, so put away carpets (especially if it gets messy!), throw pillows, and other extra items lying around in your room. Ensure that people have space to sit, mingle, and of course, dance. Set up the “bar” away from any power outlets and electronics, just in case drinks are spilled. Once the place is safely set up, decorate!

2. Atmosphere

A mood atmosphere is essential. Spec recommends blue/multicolored fairy lights to set the homecoming mood. Throw around a couple of beanbags, so people aren’t forced to sit in a row on your bed. If you want to get fancy, you could even use an aromatherapy diffuser to add to the ~vibes~. If you have any old decorations lying around: tapestries, banners, etc. take them out! They’d make for a cute background for party photoshoots. Think homecoming: so find that Columbia banner your grandparents gave you last year!

3. The bar

Football and beer go hand in hand, so make sure you have a lot of beer. Remember to chill them in the fridge the night before! We suggest keeping it simple since the day is going to be full of binge-drinking. Vodka Sprite, rum and coke, and tequila and apple juice are some classic drinks you could make for the wilder party-goers.

4. The snacks

Snacks are a must—not just for #safedrinking, but also to ensure you’re fueled up for the game! Blue themed snacks like ranch flavored Doritos, blue cheese dip, Oreos, blue candy (like blue Jolly Ranchers, blue M&M’s, or blue Skittles), and blueberries are all inexpensive and easy snacks to have at your party.

5. The music

What is a party with no music? Well, not a party. We’d suggest going Specs #HoCo playlist (yes, this is a ~plug~). Alternatively, for the Apple music fans, “Friday Feeling” is a great throwback pop playlist. “International Party” ( on Spotify is an eclectic mix of reggaeton, french rap, and classic pop, to cater to everyone’s music taste!

Or, just make your own! The more eclectic your playlist, the more people will vibe to it. Include, R&B, ABBA, rock classics (We Are the Champions!), pop throwbacks (Party in the USA! HSM!), songs from Broadway musicals (it’s niche but hey, it brings out some people’s passionate side), and reggaeton!

5. Entertainment

Games like Cards against Humanity, Uno, Never Have I Ever, or a classic game of Truth or Dare can turn a party from 0-100,especially if you’re drunk. Invite some Dartmouth fans to spice things up and make the teams interesting.

There you have it! We hope you have a wild (and safe) weekend. GO LIONS!!

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