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Still haven’t decided on what you are going to be for Halloween? We don’t blame you. Who even has the time to think about that with midterms taking up all your time throughout October? However, with Halloween creeping closer, you should probably start deciding on a costume before you end up scrambling for ideas the night before and ending up with a basic costume.

If you really have no idea what you want to be for Halloween, you shouldn’t look very far: just use your college major and put it to good use for once. Read on for some college major-inspired halloween costumes!


Engineering is hard, but your Halloween costume shouldn’t be. With just a normal white lab coat and a wig, you could dress up as the infamous Rick from Rick and Morty and drag one of your non-SEAS friends to make it a duo costume so they can be your Morty. You could twist it up and go as Pickle Rick if you really want to stand out this year.

Alternatively, you can throw it back to the good old stress-free days with a Bill Nye the Science Guy costume. This one’s super simple to go as and everyone will adore you when they realize who you are. You could also go as Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory.

If you’re not feeling the childhood throwbacks, you could go as Walter White from Breaking Bad. This should be a very easy costume if you happen to have a hazmat suit laying around in your closet.


If you’re an economics major, then you should obviously be dressing up as none other than the Father himself, Adam Smith. If you’re going for the full white wig look, you might be confused for one of the Founding Fathers so be prepared to correct anyone who dares disrespect Dad Smith. Turn this into a duo costume by making one of your economics comrades dress up as Karl Marx.

If you’re looking for more duo costume ideas, you could dress up as John Maynard Keynes and have one of your friends dress up as Friedrich Hayek. Make posters of the Keynesian model and Classical model, hang them around your necks and spend the whole night debating on the validity of your respective models. Promises to be a fun night!


If you’re majoring in philosophy, you should definitely be thinking of enlisting your friends for a group costume. Voltaire, Montesquieu, Locke, Diderot. You could all go as the perfect Enlightenment dream squad and spend the night debating away about human nature and the role of the government. We guarantee you will definitely be the life of the party.

If you’re an ancient Greek philosopher stan and these Enlightenment thinkers don’t really appeal to you, you can always go as Socrates and his ancient Greek squad and call yourselves the “Socratic Seminar Squad.” It’s a guaranteed hit.


If you’re a history major, then people would probably expect you to dress up as a famous historical figure. If you want to be unpredictable, you could go as one of the members of the Flintstone family. It might not be that historically accurate but at least you’ll definitely be a party favourite. Everyone loves some childhood throwbacks!

Alternatively, if you really want to stick to the facts, you could go as Cleopatra, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte (recommended if you are shorter), Abraham Lincoln … the options are endless. These costumes will take some effort from your part so if you have time, you should definitely check out the nearest costume stores to be as accurate as possible!

Visual arts

If you’re majoring in visual arts, you could dress up as your favorite artist. Frida Kahlo and Van Gogh are two examples of artists that everyone would definitely recognize. You could also go as a literal painting! Print (or paint!) your favorite piece, add a frame to it and hang it around your neck. If it is a portrait, just cut a space where your face can fit over the portrait’s face and add a frame! You could also go as your favorite museum. Just print out smaller pictures of all the specific pieces found at the museum and stick them to your body. No need to make it too complicated!


If you are studying biology, then you definitely have it easier than the rest of us. You obviously should go as the ultimate Halloween costume: a skeleton. Unlike the other skeletons around, your costume will be justified: You will be an intellectual skeleton because you can actually name most of the bones you'll be wearing. Alternatively, you could go as everyone’s favorite cell organelle: the mitochondria. Just wear a shirt and pants of the same color and draw some squiggly lines all down your body. Stick a poster on your body with the word “powerhouse,” and you’ll be all set.


If you are still undecided, just go as yourself for Halloween: a college student. That is terrifying enough as it is. Just emphasize those dark circles under your eyes and carry a stack of homework with you around, most people will just assume you’re a zombie!

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