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Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Though you might be eagerly awaiting a heartfelt reunion with family and friends back home, take a moment to reflect upon your present surroundings. Have you found family—or some semblance of it—on campus?

Whether it’s an entire club full of friends or just a couple of classmates, now’s a good time to acknowledge and appreciate your Columbia community. We do a lot more than just take classes together during these four years. From loudly complaining about our professor’s lecture style to waiting in line for Ferris pasta, from cramming in Butler at 3 a.m. to stumbling to Mel’s, the experiences we share on this campus bring us together: from being peers to being family.

Throw a Friendsgiving dinner!

The perfect send-off before Thanksgiving break is a Friendsgiving dinner. Whether it’s homemade potluck food or stolen meals from the dining hall, just gather up some bites, beverages, and buddies and you have yourself a family dinner! Play some cozy holiday music to set the mood and if you’re feeling fancy, bring out some fall decorations. And, of course, feel free to take “family” photos if you’ve elected to dress up.

Small gestures, big impact

Thanksgiving season is all about gratitude. A small gesture is an easy way to show appreciation for the people who make your time on campus a little more lively. Maybe bring your friend her favorite light-ice soy latte on your way to class, or snag a box of his favorite tea next time you swipe into the dining hall. If you’re low on time and money, a heartfelt text will do the trick. It might seem out of the blue, but it is never a bad time to tell someone you are thankful for their existence. And if sappy messages and little gifts aren’t your style, at least tag someone in a relevant meme.

Finding family

If you’re a first-year reading this and realizing that you might not have the idyllic college family you’d expected, don’t fret. Finding and establishing a community takes time, especially at a school where everyone is so busy.

The second semester is the perfect opportunity to make some more friends. You’ll meet new people in classes, be able to join more clubs, and reshuffle your time with a new schedule. In the meantime, practice gratitude for the people you do have, and thank yourself too! You’ve made it through the first stretch of college.

Thanksgiving is about family, and Columbia is home away from home. Give your buddies the shout-out they deserve and remember to show some love for your chosen family before heading back to your given one! And speaking of showing love, now’s a good time to say that all of us here at Spectrum are thankful for our readers. Happy Thanksgiving!

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