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Attention, Columbia students! Registration season is once again upon us, and you know what that means: Late nights scrolling through class directories, frantic messaging of wise upperclassmen for tips, and choosing classes just because they fit your schedule. Woohoo!

If you enjoy squandering hours on end on the Columbia Bulletin searching for the perfect courses to advance in your major, stop reading. Right now.

But… if you’re tired of having to reopen 27 tabs of Vergil instructor reviews each time your computer freezes from information overload, get pumped! SpecTech and Spectrum are proud to present the newest feature of Vergil+: Quick Reviews.

If you’re unfamiliar, last spring, the SpecTech team and Spectrum debuted Vergil+, a Google Chrome extension that has made registration a piece of cake for over 1400 students and counting. It takes less than five seconds to install (you can click here to do so if you haven’t already) and has elements to make your academic life so much easier. Save time by using Core Swap instead of anxiously posting in Facebook groups to switch sections of Music Humanities or University Writing. See live class enrollment numbers, check off requirements for your major, and even export your class schedule to Google Cal or iCal. Finally, if you’re tired of having your fingers cramp from scrolling through scores of decade-old reviews on CULPA, get excited for Quick Reviews!

What are Quick Reviews?

Do you ever click on faculty evaluations on Vergil only to be faced with clusters of numbers and vague qualitative descriptions? Well, Quick Reviews is the smarter, better-looking relative of Vergil. Instead of presenting pages of hard-to-digest stats for each class, Vergil+ presents reviews in a straightforward, concise, and fresh summary format.

What else can Quick Reviews do for you?

With Quick Reviews, you’ll be able to view the schools, years, and majors of anonymous student contributors to gain a greater understanding of their perspectives with respect to yours. You’ll also view honest and specific opinions of how students feel about the organization and time commitment of each class section, as well as of the respective course as a whole. Most importantly, it’s a genuine platform for students to gain and give the truth about crucial aspects of the class experience in a consistent format, without any outdated or irrelevant information.

How can I contribute?

Thanks for asking! It’s super simple and takes less than a minute—just answer some multiple choice questions about the overall enjoyability of the class, with choices ranging from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree,” and then answer a few optional fill-in responses. By doing so, you’ll be helping out not only your peers but also the generations of Columbia students to come (trust us, they’ll thank you for this).

Registration for the spring 2019 semester starts tomorrow, so don’t wait! Download Vergil+ to experience the power of the never-before-seen Quick Reviews feature and reduce stress during registration season (because let’s face it: You deserve a break).

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