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Need help dealing with Columbia’s cold campus? Feeling helpless in this harsh habitat? With precipitation prevailing and frost foreboding, Spectrum has you covered with the best ways to stay warm!

Become a strategist

Plan out your day so that you can minimize the time spent in the great outdoors. Strategize which dining halls and libraries are closest to your dorm and classrooms. Instead of traipsing all the way back to Furnald after your class in SIPA, camp out in Kent. Before your lecture in Hamilton, make a pit stop in John Jay. Avoiding unnecessary walks around the cold campus isn’t lazy. It’s smart.

Become a groundhog

For those of you who frequent Barnard buildings, I have one word for you: TUNNELS. With underground hallways linking together your classrooms, favorite libraries, dining halls, and dorms, it is entirely possible to apply everyone’s favorite method of problem-solving—pretending the problem doesn’t even exist. Avoid the cold weather completely, and take advantage of the interconnecting layout.

Become an onion

As the unpredictably frigid winds start to blow, layering is your best friend. With random bouts of sunshine, rain, and snow throughout the day, leaving the dorm room with multiple layers will keep you prepared for whatever crazy weather with which New York tries to surprise you. Wearing a multitude of T-shirts, sweaters, vests, jackets, and scarves might create the effect of looking like a walking marshmallow, but function is better than fashion. And honestly, it’s the end of the semester. Who are you trying to impress at this point anyways?

Become a grandma

Warm yourself from the inside out with hot teas and ciders! Carrying around a warm drink is the perfect way to enjoy festive flavors and simultaneously warm up your hands. Going along with the grandma theme, fresh baked cookies and knitted garments are also foolproof ways to get cozy.

Become a bunny

One of the best ways to stay warm is to snuggle up with a cuddle buddy. Whether or not you’ve participated in cuffing season, blankets and a movie with a pal will definitely keep the winter blues away.

Become a hermit

When all else fails, just stay in your dorm and order from Grubhub! Advising students against attending class is definitely not what we’re doing here. We’re just saying that if that club meeting is nonmandatory or if that certain someone wants to hang out, and you’re already in your bed wrapped up like a burrito, it might not be worth heading out. Don’t brace the cold. Just enjoy the comforts of your cozy room.

As temperatures drop, patience and stamina begins to decrease too. Bundle up, burrow down, and remember that you are nearly through the final stretch of the semester! Here’s to warm bodies and even warmer hearts!

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