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Let’s face it: Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day. But fear not, there’s more to the holiday than just having dinners with your date or dreading the day to pass. Reclaim the season of love this year by celebrating Galentine’s Day this year!

Galentine’s Day is a day when “Ladies celebrat[e] ladies,” according to its creator, the iconic Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. This F holiday, taking place on Feb. 13, celebrates you and all of your lady friends, regardless of relationship status. So, to help all the ladies out there have the best Galentine’s Day possible, here are 6 fun things you and your gals can do.

1. Visit a spa: If you’re already freaking out about midterms, the best way to spend Galentine’s is definitely by visiting a spa. You can get a massage, a mani-pedi, or just go hang out at one of the indoor pools and baths. Even though it’s pretty far away, a cheaper spa you could try going to is Sojo Spa Club. They currently have a sale on one-day general admissions passes. If you’re like most college students though, and don’t have the time or funds for a proper spa, you can also go to Duane Reade, and get some nail polish, face masks, etc. to create your own spa right in your dorm. If you really want to make it a complete spa night, you could even go to Dodge, where they have a great sauna!

2. Go karaokeing: What’s better than going downtown and singing your heart out with your best friends? Maybe you’ll sing some Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, or even Frozen’s infamous “Let It Go.” No matter what, it’ll be a night you won’t forget, or, more likely, a night your friends will never LET you forget. This Galentine’s Day, you should definitely try Karaoke Duet. Just make sure to check the hours since late nights are normally reserved for over 21 years old. On the other hand, if you’re more into an intimate, cozy night in, you can always hook up someone’s computer to a speaker for some classic YouTube karaoke. Just a warning though—you may get some noise complaints, so remember to warn (or, even better, invite) your neighbors.

3. Throw a great wine night: If you don’t feel like going super far away and would rather stay inside where it’s warm, and you can wear pajamas, you could always gather your friends for a great Galentine’s wine night. You could start off by watching The Great British Bake Off while baking some cookies for the night, play The Bachelor drinking game (like taking a shot every time someone cries), and then top the night off with some drunk Tinder roulette. All in all, sounds like a perfect night.

4. Shopping spree!: With tons of stores currently having great V-day sales, Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to take advantage of them. Head on down to Times Square or SoHo and, while not Black Friday-level, the deals you’ll find are bound to be pretty decent. Even just window-shopping and trying on outfits with your friends can be super fun. You can even stop by Sephora for a full-face of glam with all the trial-sized samples and swatches.

5. Go see a Broadway show: Whether you feel like something dramatic, comedic, or romantic, there are some great Broadway shows for you to see. If you go to the Columbia Ticket and Information Center early in the morning, or enter a lottery, you could get tickets for anywhere between $10-$60, which is a steal compared to the regular tickets, which are normally priced at $200. Either before or after, you can also stop by Junior’s Cheesecake for an extra little indulgence. The slices are so large that you and your friends can easily share.

6. Food, food, and more food: Gorge yourself on delicious food, and take a break from dining hall food this Galentine’s. Not only are there some great deals on clothes, but there are also some great deals at restaurants, such as California Pizza Kitchen, and what better way is there to celebrate you and your friends than through food? An alternative option is heading to Trader Joe’s, where everything is cheaper, and getting some great ingredients for some schmancy dinner—all at a great cost. You could make some tacos, bake a delicious pie, and top off the entire experience with some great Trader Joe’s wine.

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