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With spring break around the corner, finding good deals for flights may be difficult. But don’t worry: it’s not impossible. There are still good, inclusive deals to be found within the depths of the Internet. Spectrum has scoured a myriad of sites to find the best airline tickets so you can vacation on a budget!

When you should book your flight

Fares for domestic places usually increase two weeks before departure. International flights tend to stay the same. Try to book at least three weeks in advance (so start now).

Where you should go

Sometimes, flights to certain places are more expensive than other times. Popular spring break destinations (Miami, anyone?) are generally more expensive than places that aren’t frequented at this time of year. If you’re looking to save some money, try to plan a trip to a destination that isn’t in peak season.

Using Google Flights

When you’re starting your search, you should always do a preliminary query with Google Flights. Just enter your destination, dates, and city of departure, and hit go. The advantage of Google Flights is that it gives a range of flight options, organized by price, and shows the difference in fares as potential travel dates differ. This is a good place to start, so you can get a general idea of how much flights will be depending on the day you choose.

Securing a good deal

If you have a family member who is a frequent flyer, it is likely they know of offers or have extra “miles” you can use. Who knows? You may be in luck if they have an offer that’s expiring soon that they can’t use anyway.

Also, some flight carriers have vacation packages—and you know what that means! You can save money if you’re looking for accomodation as well. The deals work something like this: If you book at a particular hotel, you will get a highly discounted flight ticket. Two birds, one stone.

Don’t be fooled: Figure out the total cost

If you find a round-trip flight for $100 and can’t believe your eyes… well, don’t. While the actual flight may be $100, they will have extra costs for check-in luggage, food, carry-on luggage, and seats with leg room. Beware of these and only book after adding the total cost of all the amenities you will need. Chances are, the total cost will be the same as any other airline.


We recommend sites like airfarewatchdog, which always has some sort of deal going on. On their homepage, they have “Today’s Top Deals,” which shows cheap flight options. Flights to Chicago for $107? Yep, you read that right.

Skyscanner is also a great site because it compares many flights to find the best deal for you. It also has deals on hotels and car rentals to make your life easier.

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