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Junior Year Housing Options: Barnard

It’s that dreaded time of the year: housing selection. Gone are the days of peace and harmony as new housing groups can mean friend breakups, goodbyes to those you made, and readjusting to a whole new place. But fear not! A new place can also mean a fresh start, a chance for new friendships to blossom, and a whole new side of college housing that has been unexplored.

Spectrum is here to lay out the basics of junior year housing to help you decide where you want to live next year.

1. Cathedral Gardens

Address: 217 Manhattan Ave

Nickname: “CG”

This place is good for rising juniors because it offers a variety of singles and is far enough from campus that it feels like you’re living an independent, adult life, but close enough that you can walk to campus in 15 minutes.

Pros: Air conditioning, modern, renovated suites, two bathrooms in suites, proximity to both Central Park and Morningside Park, no mice, and dishwashers!

Cons: the distance from campus, limited suite availability (only 16!), and the fact that it is highly coveted by seniors.

2. 600

Address: 600 West 116th Street

Nickname: 600

This is a good option if you want to stay close to campus but also want to live with friends.

Pros: Beautiful suites with hardwood floors and large kitchens, spacious doubles and singles, on campus.

Cons: No air conditioning, mouse problem, mostly doubles, small bathrooms, some shafted rooms, thin walls.

3. Sulzberger Tower

Address: 3009 Broadway

Nickname: “Sulz Tower”

Located in the Quad, this place is known for having plenty of singles and amazing views.

Pros: Air conditioning, views on views on views, and location.

Cons: Shared floor kitchens and bathrooms (like first-year housing), the long elevator ride to the 17th floor, and it’s hard to get into unless you’re a rising senior.

4. Plimpton

Address: 1235 Amsterdam Ave

Nickname: Plimp

If you have a group of friends you want to live with, but still want your own space, Plimpton is perfect for you. All suites have four singles and one double.

Pros: Appletree supermarket is right below, renovated kitchens on some floors, hardwood floors, spacious singles, and a cute and homey vibe.

Cons: Distance from campus, constant fire alarms, and broken laundry machines.

5. 110th street:

Address: 601 West 110th Street

Nickname: 110

If you live in 110, your dorm will probably end up being the hub of social life during the weekend because of its close proximity to Mel’s, 1020, Panda Express, e’s, and Gong Cha.

Pros: Close to all the bars and restaurants, HUGE singles, no sign ins, option of studio singles.

Cons: Old building, mice/ant problem, kind of far from campus, and lots of stains in suites.

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