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Watt Hall: Located next to Frat Row, this housing option is perfect for those who want to experience what it would be like to live in an apartment. Watt has 11 two-bedroom and 12 one-bedroom apartments, along with a selection of studio singles and doubles.

Location: 549 West 113th Street

Pros: apartment style, kitchen, one bathroom shared by two people, close to campus bars and restaurants

Cons: not very social, no A/C, trash is located in the basement, only one set of laundry machines

Woodbridge Hall: Located near the 600’s and St. A’s, this housing option is perfect for those who want to live on the quieter side of campus. Plus, each suite has a large common room that can be turned into a second bedroom for those who prefer their own space instead of a social space.

Location: 431 Riverside Drive

Pros: kitchen, one bathroom shared by two people, common room

Cons: trash and laundry in the basement, no floor lounges, slow elevator, uphill walk to campus


Schapiro Hall: Complete with music practice rooms and a mix of singles and doubles, this is a great option for musicians and rising juniors who prefer convenience over everything else.

Location: 605 West 115th Street

Pros: A/C, music practice room, dance room, close to campus, large doubles, Morton and a halal truck close by, beautiful sky lounge, exercise room when it’s too cold to go to Dodge

Cons: communal bathrooms, small singles

Wien Hall: Hate walking to the communal bathroom just to brush your teeth? Wien has the solution. Each room comes equipped with a sink so you can wake up at 8:35 a.m. for your 8:40!

Location: 411 West 116th Street

Pros: singles with sink, pretty views, not too far from class, close to EC and St. Luke’s for those #wildnights

Cons: no AC, coed bathrooms, thin walls, not #aesthetic


47 Claremont: Located only a short walk away from Riverside Park, Claremont is a mix of singles and doubles configured into 7-person suites and 3- to 4-person suites, and consists mainly of juniors and seniors.

Location: 47 Claremont Avenue

Pros: relatively renovated suites with a kitchen and a bathroom cleaned by facilities, a fitness room, computer lab, print station, and bike storage in the basement

Cons: further from campus and quieter than most dorms, no A/C, no common space in the suites, only one elevator that is very slow

River Hall: River is mainly made up of singles with one walk-through double on the first floor configured into large suites.

Location: 628 West 114th Street

Pros: suites with hardwood floors, a kitchen, a lounge, and private bathrooms cleaned by facilities, computer lab, fitness room, and music practice rooms in basement, pretty close to campus

Cons: no A/C, uphill walk to main campus

600 West 113th: Commonly known as Nussbaum, 600 West 113th contains large suites of singles and doubles.

Location: 600 West 113th Street

Pros: relatively convenient location, suites with private bathrooms, a shared kitchen, and a lounge in each suite, print station and CU-EMS located on the first floor

Cons: no A/C, less social than other dorms such as McBain


Ruggles Hall: Ruggles is made up of 4-, 6-, andor 8-person suites that consist of singles and doubles.

Location: 508 West 114th Street

Pros: suites with a kitchen and one to two bathrooms (both of which you have to clean), a lounge and a fitness room in basement, quick and easy access to John Jay, JJ’s, and restaurants on Amsterdam

Cons: can get pretty loud when deliveries are being made to the garage station located below

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