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Each year, more students will be in the housing lottery than spaces available—meaning that as a sophomore, you might not find any available spaces if you have a bad lottery number. Don’t freak out yet! We can assure you that Columbia will not leave you out on the streets next year, which is why the Columbia Sophomore Waitlist and Barnard Guaranteed List were put in place to ensure housing for those unlucky sophomores stuck with no available rooms.

Columbia: Sophomore Waitlist

What is the Sophomore Waitlist?

The room selection period is ending, you haven’t found an available room yet, and you start panicking, thinking you’ll have to find off-campus housing somewhere. Don’t worry! Since you signed up for guaranteed housing, you will definitely have a place to stay next year. By signing up to the Sophomore Waitlist, you’re ensured your guaranteed housing status. How do they find a room for you if there aren’t any available? During the summer, people may decide to study abroad, take a leave of absence, or transfer, freeing up space for people on the Sophomore Waitlist. Columbia warns that you should not try to get on the Sophomore Waitlist by skipping your appointment and should only turn toward the waitlist in the circumstances it is meant for.

How do I get on the Sophomore Waitlist?

To get on the Sophomore Waitlist, you should complete the ‘Waitlist’ step during Online Selection before the end of Room Selection. You will be able to indicate housing preferences and desired roommate. If you miss the Room Selection deadline, you will need to reapply for housing to be eligible for the Non-Guaranteed Waitlist.

When will I know what room I’m in?

You will be informed of your housing assignment during the summer, usually in late August after most of the cancellations have been made.

Barnard: Guaranteed List

What is the Guaranteed List?

Similar to the Sophomore Waitlist, the Barnard Guaranteed List ensures sophomores with high lottery numbers their guaranteed housing status. Just like at Columbia, students drop out of housing for various reasons, freeing up space for sophomores and other students who opt for the Guaranteed List instead of choosing during their time slot. Most of the time, rising juniors and seniors will be the ones dropping out of housing, meaning you might end up with better housing options than other rising sophomores.

How do I get on the Guaranteed List?

After available spaces are filled up, there will be an option available on your portal where you will be able to sign up for the Guaranteed List. You will also be able to indicate building and room type preferences. In case Barnard cannot assign one of your top preferences, it recommends ranking as many buildings and rooms as possible to gain a clearer idea of where you want to live. You can also indicate if you want to live with somebody else, but that request must be mutual. If Barnard does not find a double for both of you, it will try to put you in the same suite, floor, or building to keep you as close as possible to your friend.

When will I know what room I’m in?

You will get your room assignment by August 1. Barnard tries to wait until it has received a maximum number of cancellations to find better matches for students based on their preferences.

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