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Finally. After three years of housing wins and woes, you’ve made it to the pinnacle of Columbia Housing Room Selection: 30 glorious, hard-earned points of selection priority. Whether you’ve had your heart set on that one East Campus townhouse you stepped foot in during September of first year or have been patiently awaiting a blissful one-bedroom in Watt Hall, it’s good to reacquaint yourself with your options before heading into the final Room Selection of your college years.

Watt Hall:

Known for its apartment-style setup, living in Watt allows you to enjoy the perks of a private bathroom and kitchen. Considering the fact that you’ll be moving out in a year, apartment-style living is a great way to prepare yourself for The Real WorldTM. With solid lottery numbers, you can pick into one of the studio singles, or even a spacious one- or two-bedroom. Another perk is its location on 113th between Broadway and Amsterdam. Although you might have to put up with a little rowdiness from the neighboring frat houses, you’ll enjoy easy access to both campus dining and Broadway restaurants. Gone are the days of trekking from Carlton Arms or dealing with messes in McBain Hall.

East Campus:

Yup. EC. If you’re a clout chaser, this is where you want to be. Despite the onslaught of housing issues (hot plates, fire alarms, mold, gas leaks, laundry issues,) EC remains the most sought-after housing option. Notably, EC townhouses and suites are ideal for holding parties. Though townhouses offer a more intimate experience, upper-level suites have stunning views of Manhattan (you’ve probably seen blurry Saturday night Snapchat stories from those windows). And the greatest perk of all? Every Friday night you’ll get to walk past hordes of people clamoring to get in. Nothing screams senior superiority more than turning down a desperate first-year’s plea for a sign-in as you cooly stroll in from a casual late-night JJ’s run.

Hogan Hall:

Another popular option for seniors, Hogan is known for its suites with spacious singles. With high ceilings and large closets, this is the experience you never knew you could have in Manhattan. Kitchen and bathroom utilities are known to be among the best on campus. Residents have also commented on the solid soundproofing between suites, which means you can easily hold parties and other rendezvous without disrupting your neighbors. Located on Broadway between 113th and 114th, you can go hardware supply shopping, finish your laundry, and head to Butler practically all at once.

Other Columbia housing:

As a senior, you can also strategize for other housing options. With your elevated points status, you should be able to snag a large single or have your pick among suites in typically junior/sophomore buildings. If there’s a specific room you’ve been pining after, now’s your chance. As a senior, the (Columbia Housing) world is your oyster.


If you’re sick and tired of Columbia housing by this point, consider the BC/CU Housing Exchange. Check out Barnard housing, and learn about some options you didn’t even know you had.

Regardless on where you end up living, congratulations on making it this far! The end (or beginning, really) is fast approaching. Looking ahead to senior housing options is a bit of a wake-up call, and it’s an exciting one. Get ready for a fantastic fourth and final year, class of 2020!

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