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With assignments rapidly piling up and tan lines fading, it’s beginning to feel like spring break never even happened. Gone are the days of sleeping in, lounging at home, or relaxing at the beach. If you’re in denial, here are some ways to extend that seemingly fleeting bliss.

Get (un)dressed

Don’t put those sundresses and shorts away quite yet! The weather is beginning to warm up, so take advantage and flaunt your spring break style. If you wear sunglasses during seminar or loungewear during lecture, it practically feels like break again. Just close your eyes and tune out the sounds of academia, and you’ll feel like you’re snuggled up on your couch back home.

Get outside

If your break mostly comprised of laying by the beach with a book in hand, look no further than Low Beach! With sunnier days ahead of us, grab that novel (or maybe your history readings) and head out to the steps. With a little imagination, the nearby pigeons are vaguely reminiscent of seagulls. It might not look like the blue waters of the Bahamas, but there are definitely worse views than Low Plaza.

Get chatty

As nervous high schoolers and overeager parents roam the walkways of campus, take your chance to chat! These curious visitors are most likely on their own spring break, so engaging them might help you get back in that break mindset. It’s harder to feel discouraged about the final stretch of classes when the excitement from visitors reminds you that Columbia/Barnard is a dream destination for many.

Get ~in touch with nature~

The end of spring break means replacing conifers with concrete and stars with street lights. If you spent the past week immersing yourself in nature, coming back to the urban jungle can be a shock. Pick up a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant from a nearby shop and adorn your windowsill with some greenery. Whip out your summery scents and essential oils so that your space smells deliciously tropical. A little bit of nature can really help brighten up your room and add some spring break-inspired cheer. Or take a walk in a park—it’s the perfect not too hot, not too cold weather for a walk.

Get drinks (if you are 21+!)

If last week was a booze-filled blur, keep up the high spirits! It’s totally acceptable to keep ordering all the spring/summer flavored drinks at your favorite bar. Most nearby Mexican restaurants have weekday happy hours, so grab a margarita and relive your sweaty Cabo memories. And who says you can’t crack open a couple of beers to end your night (or start your morning)? School may have started again, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.

Get exploring

If you still have the travel bug, no need to worry! Just because you’re in New York and not Miami doesn’t mean that you can’t be a tourist. Get out of the MoHi bubble—check out a new neighborhood or visit a New York City landmark. You can even try to finish the 116 traditions every Columbia student needs to do before they graduate (which includes visiting all five boroughs!).

Get relaxed

We all know that school can be stressful, and although you just came back from break, it doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself. Take a spa day over the weekend. Whether that means actually visiting a spa, putting on face masks with your friends, or just taking a nap in the middle of the day, you deserve it!

Get social

Even though you may not be in Mexico together, surrounding yourself with your travel buddies allows you to reminisce. Most of the above activities are best done with others, so reconvene and relive those spring break memories.

As we slowly get back into the grind, remember to keep the ~spring break state of mind~ with you. It’s easy to get back into the overworked, stressed-out mindset once you go back to campus, but remember that break exists for a reason. Seven weeks to go, folks!

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