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With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about moving out of your dorm room, especially as move out for Barnard happens on May 17, and Columbia on May 18. To avoid having to stress about packing during finals, you should start thinking about your summer storage options as early as possible.

Barnard and Columbia do not offer storage space for students during the summer, meaning that if you’re not planning on moving everything home after the end of the school year, you might want to start looking at some other options. To help you out with moving out, Spectrum has compiled a list of companies available in the area, so you can compare and choose the one that best fits your needs!

Hudson Storage

Hudson Storage is one of the few companies on this list that does free pick-up and delivery for the Morningside Campus. By choosing their Commercial Bin Package for a storage room with dimensions of four feet by four feet by two feet for $149 a month, you can benefit from their free Morningside pick-up between May 15 through May 17 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and curbside delivery Sept. 3 to Sept. 5 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m once you’re back on campus. There will be staff from the company on campus from May 13 until May 17 to distribute bins for registered students to pack up with.

Manhattan Mini Storage

Manhattan Mini Storage has storage spaces all over Manhattan. Their Upper West Side and Riverside locations are convenient for students living on campus. Using their free storage shuttle that you can book on your preferred day, you can move your boxes from campus to the location you choose. They have storage spaces with dimensions of four feet by four feet by four feet available at $64 a month. However, they do not provide boxes or any packing material, so you’ll need to get those yourself. Their storage spaces fill up quickly so if you want a space near campus, make sure to book early!


Box&Co is another company that offers pick-up and drop-off for Columbia students. They will be dropping off boxes at Columbia on May 2 and picking them up May 16 and May 17. For delivery back to school, they will contact you regarding your desired delivery dates for your packages. Their Basic Plan allows you to store five large cardboard boxes with dimensions of 17 inches by 17 inches by 22 inches for $135 all summer.

Extra Space Storage

This company is also close to campus, since it has storage spaces located just a few blocks away, on 129th street. For a storage space with dimensions of 5 feet by 5 feet, you will be charged a monthly fee of $11. However, they do not offer boxes or pick-up and delivery services, so you will have to pack and move all your items on-site yourself. Extra Space Storage is still relatively cheaper than most other options, so if you have a car available or can share transportation with other students to move your boxes, you’ll be all set.

West Side Movers

West Side Movers also offers special summer storage for Columbia students. Depending on the size of the box or the item, you’ll pay different prices for the summer. For example, a box with dimensions of 1.5 cubic feet is $30. Free pick-up dates are on May 10 and May 11, which might be too early if you’re planning on packing up after finals.


This company allows you to pay for each box you choose to store with prices ranging from $44.95 to $64.95 per box for the whole summer, depending on size. The boxes will be delivered to you on Barnard’s campus on May 9, 10 and 11. They will also pick up boxes to store during this same time frame, which is, again, also pretty early if you’re waiting until after finals come to a close. All boxes will be delivered back to campus on Sept. 2.

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