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Last year, Bacchanal attendees complained of overcrowding and long lines to enter the pens.

Bacchanal is just around the corner, which means SOPHIE, warm weather, and darties all weekend. Want to host your own Bacchanal pregame to celebrate the ounce of school spirit we have? Spectrum has you covered. In the fourth piece of our #SpecSoiree series, we’ll be advising you on drinks, snacks, decor, and everything in between.

1. The atmosphere

Most Bacchanal pregames happen in broad daylight, so keep that in mind when planning the atmosphere of your space. The weather forecast says cloudy but warm. Ditch the mood lighting, fairy lights, fake candles, etc., and opt for natural light. Open windows, push back the curtains, keep decor minimal (you don’t want your succulents getting knocked over in a moment of excitement). Make sure you have enough seating for all your guests. Bring out those beanbags, throw pillows, and rugs that have been hiding in your closet during midterm season and place them in strategic areas near the “bar” or next to the snacks.

2. The bar (21+)

Bacchanal pregames are not right without some quality cocktails. We suggest whipping up some classy mimosas (orange juice and champagne). You don’t want to serve alcohol that has a concentration of more than 20 percent. It’s just 10 a.m. Keep things light and boozy: fruity moscatos, prosecco, and rosé are some good options. You can even maximize the value of your meal plan if you plan ahead and stock up on some Ferris Booth Commons strawberries or JJ’s Place slushies for those DIY frozen margaritas and sangrias.

3. The snacks

Since it’s just the beginning of a long day, think of carb-heavy morning snacks. Bagels? Big yes. Fruits like grapes, bananas and strawberries (maybe with some Nutella to dip) are healthy options that will cater to everyone (that you can also acquire for free from Ferris!). Other options could be crackers and cheese or chips and guac. Stick to finger food that won’t create a mess but will keep you nourished and energized for the day. Remember to save some for later too to ease those hangover headaches and stomachaches!

4. The music

Keeping in mind that you will be listening to Tierra Whack, Rina Sawayama, and SOPHIE, we’d suggest warming up the guests with some popular songs from these artists so that they don’t show up to Bacchanal completely trashed and clueless. Here’s the Bacchanal Committee’s official Spotify so you can get familiar with the bops!

5. The entertainment

Fratty games like beer pong, Jenga, and flip cup can be fun ways to get your guests pumped and lively. If you want to get real fancy, see if you can hold your pregame in a space that has access to a foosball or air hockey table. Those always get people WILD.

Have a safe, fun, and memorable Bacchanal!

Staff writer Naina Lavakare can be contacted at Follow Spectator on Twitter @ColumbiaSpec.

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