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With the sun beginning to emerge after what felt like a very long winter, and with spring just around the corner, most students are looking forward to those beautiful days when they can sunbathe. Luckily for Columbia and Barnard students, there are some great spots to enjoy the warmth. Just so you can weigh your options, or in case your normal spot is taken, here’s a list of seven great places to soak up the sun on campus.

Lehman Lawn

With construction finally finished, students can now enjoy Barnard’s spacious, grassy lawn right outside the Milstein Center. You’ll find students eating lunch with their friends, reading books, sleeping, and even tossing the occasional flying disk if it’s not too crowded. You can even grab yourself a refreshing iced coffee and a delicious pastry from Liz’s Place before heading out to enjoy the sunlight.

South Lawn

The lawns right outside of Butler are one of the most popular sunbathing spots. They are perfect spots to take in some rays, read a book, or grab some food from Ferris or Café East and have a picnic with friends. One perk of this spot is that you may be able to find the occasional shady spot if you’re lucky. Check out these tips if you need some inspiration for your picnic.

Milstein Outdoor Terraces

Maybe you have an exam tomorrow. Maybe you just don’t have the time to properly take a break and are finding yourself feeling jealous of all your friends who get to sit outside and enjoy the sunlight. If so, you may want to check out the Milstein outdoor terraces. You can find a place inside Milstein to work, and when you go to grab some food or just need a five-minute brain break, step outside onto the patios and make the most of whatever free time you have.

Diana Center Green Roof

While you will need to reserve the rooftop through Events Management, the Diana Center Green Roof located on Barnard’s campus is a great place to enjoy a beautiful day and is normally not too busy. The view is nice, you’re surrounded by sustainable plant life planted by the Barnard biology department, and there are even tables for you to sit at while you enjoy your Diana lunch or work on that p-set you have due later in the week. So if you like nice views and aren’t big on sitting on the ground, definitely check out this spot.

Benches Outside of Schapiro Center for Engineering and Physical Science Research

If you walk behind Uris Hall, you’ll find a bunch of benches where you can sunbathe to your heart’s desire and maybe even find some shade if you’re lucky. It’s also pretty close to the Northwest Corner Building, so you can grab an iced coffee from Joe Coffee, sit back, and relax. Overall, it’s a nice and relatively quiet location.

International Affairs Building

One secret sunbathing spot on campus that many people aren’t familiar with is in the International Affairs Building. If you go to the fourth floor, there’s a nice little courtyard to hang out and enjoy some sunlight. So if it’s right after class, or if you’re studying in IAB, definitely try to spend a couple of minutes in the courtyard.

Steps of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

While not technically on Columbia’s campus, the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, located on 1047 Amsterdam Ave, is a fantastic place for sunbathing. The sun hits the steps right outside the church at just the right angles, so if you’re looking for a place to sunbathe that’s nearby and you want to get away from campus, head on over to the Cathedral for a much-needed break.

Happy sunbathing, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

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