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FINALLY. It’s Low Beach season, and nothing goes better with sunshine and friends than a frozen treat! If you’ve already checked out our five favorite ice cream spots in NYC, but are still in search of the perfect sweet snack, here is your sequel. These options are either on campus or close by, and can be easily enjoyed while basking on Low Steps or lying on the Butler lawns.

Pressed Juicery

On a health kick? Prefer more ~natural~ flavors? Pressed Juicery on 111th and Broadway offers frozen blends like vanilla almond and chocolate. Its freezes are naturally sweetened with dates and topped with all-natural peanut butter or dark chocolate sauces. We especially recommend this option for the dairy-free folks. Lactose intolerance doesn’t necessitate losing out on indulgence.


Ah, yes. Everyone’s favorite “contemporary eatery with perspective.” A smoothie from Strokos is the ideal accompaniment to a game of Spikeball on the lawn. Although they do offer customized options, we think it’s fun to pick from their punny menu. While they offer more protein-heavy shakes, there are also more tropical and light options. You can also choose your own ingredients if you heart desires!

Cafe East

Out of all the options, this one wins the “Most Accessible” award. Its convenient location (you can practically see it from your sunbasking spot!) and the fact that it takes Flex points means you are just a step and a swipe away from sweet satisfaction. Mango, boba, and frozen yogurt… what more could you want? Our recommendation is froyo with strawberries and chocolate chips: a crowd-pleasing flavor combination.


Don’t worry Barnardians, we didn’t forget about you! Your dining points are best spent at Liz’s or Diana Café. If the lawn in front of Milstein has become your new hangout spot, Liz’s blended drinks and Diana’s smoothies are the perfect pick-me-up. If you hang out by the patio on a sunny day, sometimes the barista will hand out free frappuccino samples! Thank you, Barnard Dining.

Shake Shack

Regardless of whether you’re heading over from Barnard or Columbia, this option is just one street-crossing away. Their current shake selection includes classics like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, as well as some fun ones like salted caramel, coffee, and even cookies and cream! Milkshakes are a great option because they won’t melt too fast while you chat away on the Steps.


Frozen grapes, anyone? Easy, cost-effective, and tasty, a bag of grapes smuggled out of the Ferris salad bar makes for the perfect outdoor snack! Trader Joe’s chocolate covered strawberries and bananas from the frozen aisle also make for great, portable treats. If you bring these out to the lawns, all your friends will thank you.

Believe it or not, there are only three full weeks of classes left! Take this opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and indulge in something sweet, especially before the stress of finals season hits. See you on the lawns!

Staff writer Izzy Mollicone can be contacted at Follow Spectator on Twitter @ColumbiaSpec.

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