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Aries: Sitting directly in front of Alma Mater

Known for being independent, the assertive Aries can be found fairly easily—smack dab in the middle of Low. This position is controversial; though many respect the Aries for being bold and unabashed in their choice of seating, their blatant disregard for tourists’ photo-ops can come across as unnecessarily aggressive.

Taurus: Doing work at the tables near John Jay

Exceptionally dependable, you can rely on the Taurus to be steadfastly working through their next problem set by the gazebo. Sensibly, they are sitting in the shade with their water bottle and assignment out. You can greet them for a quick chat if you have a problem, because the tenacious Taurus is known for being understanding. However, try not to criticize their lack of fun or ask them to move—they can be stubborn!

Gemini: Switching between laying on the lawns and the Steps

Ah, the two-faced Gemini. Versatile and adaptable, you’ll see them switching back and forth between the steps and lawns to spend time with their various friends and accommodate the shifting sunlight. Why settle for shady or sunny when you can have both? If you see someone mingling excitedly and flitting about the plaza, they’re probably a Gemini. Those people running around doing cartwheels and various martial arts on the lawns have some Gemini energy to them as well.

Cancer: Cuddling with their significant other on the lawns

Ruled by nurturing emotion, the loving Cancer is most likely snuggled up to a partner or friend on the lawns. If the PDA is annoying to you, don’t bother telling them. They can become moody and hold grudges easily, so it’s best to let them live out their compassionate tendencies. Who knows—maybe next time you need a comforting presence after a flunked midterm or interview gone wrong, you’ll want to turn to a Cancer.

Leo: Playing Spikeball

A playful leader, the Leo can be seen dominating a boisterous game of Spikeball. You can bet that the Leo was the one who brought out the net and instigated the game. And more likely than not, they also brought the Bluetooth speaker and are blasting their playlist. Feel free to join, but be warned that the headstrong Leo could become controlling if the game doesn’t go their way.

Virgo: Journaling by the left teal pillar at the top of Low Steps

Curious and intuitive, the self-reflective Virgo is mostly likely partaking in some form of creative introspection (doodling, journaling, listening to music). They’re perched against the teal pillar/lamp post to capitalize on their observant tendencies and take in the bustling scene before them. Be sure to say hi, and you’ll be rewarded with an insightful perspective or hot take from your local Low Steps Virgo.

Libra: Surrounded by friends

The harmonious and balanced Libra can be found chatting amicably amongst friends either on one of the lawns or the Steps. Being the thoughtful diplomats that they are, they probably have a spread of snacks laid out. Tending towards superficiality, conversation with a Libra is casual and lighthearted. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially when you’re trying to catch a break and enjoy some sunshine between your four-hour lab session and upcoming discussion section.

Scorpio: Brooding by the right teal pillar at the top of Low Steps

Known for dark intensity and complex emotions, the independent and sophisticated Scorpio will be seated at the other pillar. Despite a cool exterior, their perceptiveness lends itself to a sort of people-watching that make most other signs uncomfortable. They might seem calm and relaxed, but it’s probably best to leave the truth-seeking Scorpio alone—sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Sagittarius: Pacing on College Walk

The Sagittarius, known to be philosophical, will be restlessly pacing from gate to gate. What are they thinking about? Maybe their next brilliant contribution to a CC discussion or the morality of the college admissions process. Either way, the curious and adventurous Sagittarius will be more than happy to engage with you—that is, if you can offer them some stimulation to placate their restless boredom.

Capricorn: Tabling by the sundial

If anyone has a neatly set-up display campaigning for their latest agenda or fundraising for their favorite club, it’s the Capricorn. Strategic and disciplined, the Capricorn is ready to unleash their rehearsed-spiel for any and every casual student ambling by. Stop by and grab a flyer and candy from them! Keep it to one of each though—the precise Capricorn has carefully planned out their tabling inventory supply. And be warned—putting a fake UNI into their purposeful Google Form will definitely expose their rigid and ruthless side.

Aquarius: Playing with the dogs on College Walk

If there’s a dog on campus, you can bet that there is an Aquarius following close by! The Aquarius known for being friendly, loyal, and a little erratic, so it’s no surprise that they find joy in engaging with playful pups. You might want to remind them about that paper due tomorrow, though. Being free-spirited and eccentric offers a breath of fresh air on our stress-ridden campus, but the Aquarius can sometimes be a little scatterbrained.

Pisces: In their room

The sensitive, compassionate Pisces is alone in their room. Sunshine and socialization isn’t quite enough to coax the escapist Pisces from their comfortable bubble. Knowing their self-pitying and codependent tendencies, it might be a kind idea to shoot your Pisces friend a text inviting them outdoors. They’ll appreciate the gesture. Let them know that the fountains are running again—Pisces is a water sign, after all!

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