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Frank Guridy

Frank Guridy is an associate professor of history and African-American studies who specializes in sport history, urban history, and the history of the African Diaspora in the Americas. Most recently, he has joined the Institute for Research in African-American Studies with the hope of growing the new program and contributing to the movement of African-American scholarship. Some of his publications include “The Patriarchal Journey of ‘The Juice’ in OJ: Made in America,” and “Beyond El Barrio: Everyday Life in Latina/o America.” This fall, he will be teaching Sport and Society in the Americas.

Michael Shaevitz

A favorite among pre-med students, Shaevitz is known for making physics a painless learning experience. Known to be approachable and charismatic, he is a professor whose teaching methods make complicated concepts easier to grasp. He is currently part of the Columbia Neutrino Group, conducting experimental high-energy physics and astrophysics research. This fall, he will be teaching General Physics I.

Nassime Chida

Nassime Chida is a Core lecturer with a Ph.D. in Italian and Comparative Literature and Society from the School of the Arts. Chida’s lectures include profound analyses of the historical implications of the works in the Literature Humanities syllabus. In 2019, Chida was awarded the Core Preceptor Award for Teaching Excellence. This fall, Chida will continue to teach Literature Humanities.


Yvette Christiansë

Yvette Christiansë, an award-winning poet, novelist, and librettist, chairs the Africana studies department at Barnard. Previously, she also served as the interim chair of Barnard’s new Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion prior to the appointment of Ariana González Stokas in May. In the most recent installment of Barnard’s Break this Down, in which Barnard professors dissect various topics, Christiansë addressed the 400th anniversary of the American slave trade and tackled Barnard’s own complicated history with slavery. This semester, Christiansë will be teaching a seminar titled Before Black Lives Matter.

Alexandra Watson

A lecturer for the first-year writing program, Alexandra Watson came to Barnard in 2017 after teachingUniversity Writing at Columbiaand for the non-profit college access program, Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America. Most recently, Watson received the 2019 PEN/Nora Magid Award for Magazine Editing for her work on Apogee Journal, a literature and art journal which augments the voices of writers of color. This semester, Watson will be teaching Critical Conversations: the Americas.

Nicholas Bartlett

As a professor of contemporary Chinese culture and society, Nicholas Bartlett’s research and publications have largely focused on long-term heroin users’ addiction and recovery in southwest China. Prior to his tenure at Barnard, Bartlett taught at UCLA and the University of Southern California. His most recent published work is called “The Ones Who Struck Out: Entrepreneurialism, Heroin Addiction, and Historical Obsolescence in Reform Era China.” This fall, Bartlett will be teaching a course titled Culture, Health, and Healing in East Asia.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Yvette Christiansë is the interim chair of the Council on Diversity, Equity, when Ariana González Stokas is currently in that role.

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